Labour picks Brighton councillor to stand for Parliament in Lewes

Posted On 01 May 2017 at 7:28 pm

Labour has picked a Brighton councillor to be the party’s general election candidate in Lewes next month.

Councillor Daniel Chapman

Daniel Chapman, who represents Queen’s Park on Brighton and Hove City Council, will try to win the seat from another former Brighton councillor, Maria Caulfield. She won the seat for the Conservatives in 2015 from the Liberal Democrat MP Norman Baker.

Councillor Chapman works as a policy research analyst for the NAHT (National Association of Head Teachers) in Haywards Heath.

On the council, he is the chairman of the Children, Young People and Skills Committee and has been chairing the review of school catchments. He is also a member of the Audit and Standards Committee.

Last time in Lewes the Labour candidate Lloyd Russell-Moyle came fourth with 5,000 votes – or almost 10 per cent – behind the UKIP candidate Ray Finch, a former Portslade factory worker. The seat is regarded as a Tory v Lib Dem contest.

Lloyd Russell-Moyle has since become one of Councillor Chapman’s colleagues on Brighton and Hove City Council and is standing against the Conservative MP Simon Kirby in the marginal Brighton Kemptown constituency.

  1. Daniel Harris Reply

    Good Luck to Daniel Chapman, He’s a good councillor and I’ve seen him around in Brighton for like 18 years or so now, so what you see is what you get.

    One thing, I’ve been outspoken about the Labour Group in Brighton and the Leadership, all these councillors jumping ship, is a sign I think that the leadership is crumbling.

    Getting into bed with the tories, Planning decisions which are suspect, kicking 10,000 people off the council waiting list, PSPO, Disabled people trapped in unsuitable homes and Mears, Baron Homes and other providers ripping us all off.

    Think its high time we also get some good socialists in the labour council now, as 70% of members now support Jeremy Corbyn but like only 2 councillors locally have declared support.

    In the Last Labour Leadership Election, Morgan, Penn and Cattell all signed a pledge of support for Owen Smith, who lost. I hope people remember this when Corbyn forms the next governement. We need change locally, the cabinet is in crisis, and these councillors jumping ship must mean new beginnings.
    Good Luck to Daniel Chapman in Lewes he will make a great MP.

    The others remember we have very long memories. Power to the People! Power to the People!

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