Swedish diversity hiring startup launches in Brighton

Posted On 12 May 2017 at 8:05 am

SPONSORED EDITORIAL: What happens when a group of experienced recruiters from different parts of the globe come together? Jobb happens.

In December 2016, as one of the world’s first diversity hiring startups, Jobb successfully crowdfunded a financing round of 2.5m SEK (about £220,000) to launch a new platform in the UK by the beginning of summer 2017, with an office in Brighton. The next stop is Sweden where we aim to launch in mid autumn this year.

What about Brexit? We find it challenging, but on the other hand a benefiting factor for the new recruitment experience.

The idea was born in Stockholm many years ago, when the HR department of one major construction company noticed that their organisation’s success and competitiveness depended upon its ability to embrace diversity. And when it comes to diversifying your workforce, attracting the right people and using their talents, a standard local approach does not always work effectively. In other words, diversity works, and you need a special tool for that.

We’re an international team with a diverse set of skills, from HR specialists from Scandinavian and Australian mines to UK industrial recruitment consultants and a resourcer from Latvia. We’re all passionate about leading a global, connected lifestyle, and we have many simple ideas and a lot of experience to mix together in one product.

We do not encourage people to go abroad, we don’t support or oppose migration. We believe that this is a constant and natural process and there are 1001 reasons why people do go overseas to work or to live. We just help employers get connected with mobile people directly for a perfect match.

This summer, we go live with a basic online jobs board, targeting the blue collar sector (farming, construction and manufacturing). We believe that the wheel should start spinning first, before more features are added. But pretty soon many interesting thing will be implemented.

Later there will be a smart algorithm to verify candidates and determinate countries where a person has rights to work unconditionally. The same mechanism will be involved in the tool for expats, which will help to build up some sort of ‘credit history’ before a person has moved and speed up settling in new place abroad.

Our existing clients and connections are getting on board now and many new UK employers and recruiters have already signed up as well. Everyone who joins us before we go live will be considered as an Early Adopter which means customised free trial, special offers, accelerated access to new features, additional support and promotion and many more.

We are also always on the lookout for talented individuals to join our growing team.

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