What makes Hove Hove? Inspiration needed for plinth project

Posted On 22 Sep 2017 at 9:20 am

Hove residents will have the chance to help decide elements of the first sculpture to be put on the new Hove Plinth next spring.

The first sculpture, selected as part of a public contest, will be Constellation by Jonathan Wright, a part mechanical model of the solar system where the planets will be replaced by icons representing Hove.

A series of workshops is being held over the next few weeks to help select which objects are chosen, with suggestions invited of which places and landmarks in Hove should be represented.

A spokeswoman for the project said: “It’s all happening! We want to have your views on the most exciting, relevant or significant places and landmarks in Hove that make it a special and interesting place.

“We need your suggestions for objects that communicate why people love to live in Hove and why it is a place to be proud of. We want the sculpture to communicate your love of Hove, why it is special to you and What Makes Hove Hove.”

The workshops are being held next week at the following times and places.

Hove Museum
Monday, 25 September – 10am-12 noon and 2pm-4pm
Tuesday, 24 October – 10am-12 noon and 2pm-4pm

Brighton Museum
Tuesday, 31 October – 10am-12 noon and 2pm-4pm

Brighton along a photograph (either digital or printed) displaying your suggested object to include in the final sculpture. All suggestions will be recorded.

Places are limited and will be allocated on a first come first served basis

  1. Vinegar Tom Reply

    What makes Hove, Hove? I would like to nominate long-time popular Hove resident The Duke of Earl, currently residing at his Winter Palace on Brunswick Place

  2. ROLIVAN Reply

    The fact that it is not Brighton but Hove Actually.

  3. Edita Busmiene Reply

    Trees and beautiful architecture makes Hove Hove

  4. Fishwife, 49 Reply

    Hmmm – where’s the Brighton Hive Mind going to go with this: are we thinking beach huts, seagulls and Pride; or rough sleeper, syringes and angry commuters?

  5. Corrina Reply

    Hove lawns, beach huts, Brunswick terrace, beautiful architecture.

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