South Korean student bottled by Brighton thug ‘for being Asian’

Posted On 18 Oct 2017 at 5:37 pm

A shocking video showing the moment a South Korean student was bottled by racist thugs in Brighton on Sunday night has gone viral.

The video shows the young man talking to a group of youths in North Street, near the junction with Ship Street.

Suddenly, one of them hits him with a champagne bottle and they then run away towards the Clock Tower.

His friend Minsu Jo, who posted the video, said: “His face got beaten with a champagne bottle, so one of his teeth was broken, 10 of them are shaking, and the one that was broken is prescribed to be requiring killing nerve of teeth.

“The situation started with the attacker throwing a bottle of wine behind my friend.

“My friend asked him why he has thrown the bottle him and then he answered, ‘Because you are f***ing Asian.

“After that, even though my friend tried to ignore and go back home, he kept making racial face, gestures, and saying racial words. After he got beat by the attacker, all 3 of them ran right away.”

A police spokesman said: “At about 10.30pm on Sunday (15 October), police were called by South East Coast Ambulance Service (SECAmb) following a report of an assault in North Street, Brighton. 

“The victim, a 20-year-old man from Brighton, had been struck with a bottle, causing facial injuries, and was taken to hospital for treatment. 

“Enquiries are ongoing and anyone who saw what happened is asked to report it online at or call 101 quoting serial 1481 of 15/10. 

“Alternatively, you can visit the Crimestoppers ( website or contact the independent charity anonymously on 0800 555 111.”

  1. proud not from brighton Reply

    not brexit issue then, inn’t? typical juvenile white fucking brighton mini-thugs from …..

  2. Benny Reply

    Disgusted. I have an Asian wife. And some idiot has put up a hashtag for magic of brighton! Brighton is a second rate mess

  3. Juan Diaz Reply

    I hope it doesn’t spoil your experience in Uk if you guys are reading, don’t allow them to spoil it for you. It totally sucks but it could have been a lot worse.. and hopefully they will be identified, their faces are clear in the video. Talk to the police!

  4. Confuciussay Reply

    This is not typical of Brighton residents. This is generally a tolerant town but a small minority of drunken idiots exist in all towns. Thank God that bottle didn’t break on his face as it could have been so much worse. I know, as my nose was sliced off by a bottle by a gatecrasher at a party and hung on my face by a thread, when I was aged 17. That was Gillingham Kent, which I found to be a more racist town due to pressure of mass immigration not due to any transient student population such as Brighton has. Sadly nothing seems to change. A dumb thug is and always has been a dumb thug. Bring back National Service or the stocks

  5. Lance Reply

    I’m sure there are many people in Brighton who can identify who these three racist thugs are. Just talk to the police. Let’s work together and get these loser thugs locked up.

  6. Sarah Reply

    I’d much rather live in a country with the victims than with drunken bigots like those attacking them. They are absolutely disgusting subhuman pieces of detritus that need to be locked up. If you can’t handle alcohol so much that you attack someone with a bottle (at 10.30pm ffs!) then you shouldn’t be allowed out and you shouldn’t be allowed alcohol at all. Hope they catch who did it and lock them up.

  7. Silvie Reply

    No news, Brighton is extremely racist. The university, the hospital (check out racist surgeon). This is only one small story to reach the media. Bigger things happen on daily basis

  8. Nick Reply

    Spoiled human beings exists everywhere but, the problem here is the rate I think. Hear these stories too often and there’s just too many of them around these days.

  9. lilac Reply

    Part of the thug’s punishment should be being forced to learn the Korean language. Brighton should be honoured that Korean students want to come here, they are extremely intelligent, friendly and polite, and they valiantly speak good English, which is very difficult either way for them to learn English or us to learn Korean.

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  11. Wayne Reply

    It is disgusting. We should be proud that people are visiting and bringing money into the country. Scum like the attacker have no future and will be forever parasites and at the bottom of society. They have zero view of the rest of the world and live in a tiny bigoted community. I actually feel sorry for him for being so pathetic and I hope he gets caught.

  12. farouk Reply

    Fine these idiots, not the paltry few quid we see, but a good few thousand pounds, if they can’t pay make their parents pay. instead of jail, bring back the stocks and make them ensure public ridicule for at least a dozen weekends, follow that up with making sweep the bloody streets every Sunday for a year.

  13. Alexandra Reply

    This is horrible.i am Portuguese I have kids.they should been in prison to treat people like that. Every one deserved to be respect

  14. Jose Reply

    Not an isolatd incident. All too common in that part of town. Typical tactic, one of them distracts you while the other attacks you while your attention is diverted. If confronted by these scumbags, don’t stop to engage with them just get away quickly.

  15. lydia briggs Reply

    first hes a south korean student, then hes from brighton. he needs to get his story right. also, brits generally refer to hindus, pakistanis and arabs as asian, not koreans

    • Brian Whitehead Reply

      @Lydia briggs. You are retarded right? You need to learn how to use an apostrophe and then work out where Asia is. Do you brits even know what continent your from ? Bring on the brexit and we can be assured that people like you don’t get off your island.

      • David Reply

        Yes, Lydia is retarded (the student didn’t say he was from Brighton, the police spokesman did). Brian is also retarded for making a generalisation about all British people from one commenter, when literally every other commenter on this page has condemned the attack.

        Incidentally, “Brian Whitehead” is about as English a name as you can get. Wherever you live now, you clearly have British ancestors and you just insulted them.

    • Buttercup Reply

      It’s some kind of weird spam… link in their handle leads to some sort of dodgy, ethically dubious site that makes people pay to access information about other people it’s skimmed off social media profiles.

  16. Kev Towner Reply

    Are you in some way attempting to trivialise this disgusting incident? What is wrong with you?

  17. Steven Reply

    Just like the history these people are only good at attacking other people just because they think they’re superior to other race like asians and africans. I’m not surprise for this at all because racists and their hate is everyday thing.

  18. Cosmos1256 Reply

    I heard two male assaulters are caught. Victim’s situation is not good. He lost 10 teeth. Currently a charity funding is going on for victim. Can’t tolerate those european racist fuckers. These racism things in europe is getting viral in korea. Recently a korean celebrity got an assault while shooting tv show in belgium by racist+burglar. Gotta do something europe.

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  20. Naleyan Reply

    This is a Godless society and this is what you get although its hard to say who is the good and bad judging from this video as it doesnt show the lead up to the argument. But I know in the UK the rise of single motherhood steming fromt he 60s and 70s has caused a generation of violent thugs. So what you see is a result of selfish single mothers.

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