Greens announce candidates for Brighton battleground

Posted On 07 Jun 2018 at 3:08 am

A Green councillor is to stand down after suffering ill health, with a former councillor ready to return to the fray in a key battleground.

Councillor Dick Page

The party said: “The Brighton and Hove Green Party has selected its candidates in the Hanover and Elm Grove ward for the May 2019 council elections.

“Serving Councillor David Gibson, Green group spokesperson on housing, has been selected, along with Elaine Hills and former councillor Steph Powell.”

Councillor David Gibson, a Hanover resident of 22 years, said: “It is an honour to have been re-selected again as a Green Party candidate for Hanover and Elm Grove.

“It has been a privilege to represent the ward of the city that I and my family call home.

“If re-elected, I pledge to continue working hard with community groups in our area, aim to make further progress on housing by championing living rents, continuing to press for more public provision of housing to tackle homelessness, always pressing for fairness and sustainability and working to achieve more social value out of the council’s5  activities”

Sitting councillor Dick Page, who announced that he was unable to stand for re-selection, said: “It is with a heavy heart that I’m announcing that, due to a serious health condition that was diagnosed six months after I was elected, I will not be standing for re-selection.

“I had always hoped to continue as a councillor for this brilliant and vibrant ward for more than one term but, sadly, I am unable to at this stage.

“I hope I’ve made a positive contribution on key ward issues like parking, secondary school places and the recycling and refuse problems and in my city wide role in speaking up for health and social care services to be provided when people need it – not restricted by the continuing austerity cuts.”

Councillor David Gibson

Phélim Mac Cafferty, convenor of the Green group of councillors, took the opportunity to thank Councillor Page: “On behalf of the Green Party, I want to thank Dick for all the work he has done over the last term.

“The way that Dick has continued to serve as a councillor while battling a serious health issue is a testament to his character, drive and passion for making Brighton and Hove a better place for all.

“I hope he will find the time and space to rest and recover fully as he steps away from public office and I’m sure that once he has, we will see him playing a central role in the Hanover community once again.”

Steph Powell

Elaine Hills, said: “I have lived in Brighton for 19 years and in Hanover for the past nine.

“I’m proud to live in such a progressive city and feel particularly at home in Hanover and Elm Grove, with its strong community spirit which I feel very much part of.

“I believe in a fairer and more sustainable society with clean air, affordable housing and decent wages, as well as good local services and public transport.”

Steph Powell, who has served in the council previously, said: “I’m delighted to have been selected for Hanover and Elm Grove ward.

“Serving the people of Brighton and Hove has been a true honour and I would be thrilled to be given the opportunity to serve this city once again.

“Congratulations to my fellow Green Party candidates, and thank you to Dick for his dedicated service to the ward and the city.”

  1. Valerie Paynter Reply

    Stephanie! This lady was a superb asset as a cllr in the Green Adminidtration – prepared to question officers & probe intelligently in cttee meetings as few cllrs even CAN!

    She decided not to stand again after becoming a mother, changed her mind & stood in Patcham at the last minute where she lost to newbie Lee Wares (a Tory who on a good day is also a sharp asset if he takes a stand).

    Some people transcend all party divisions & it is a shame few voters know how to pick & choose on merit – preferring to vote on tribal party lines. The city loses out when people do that. Sadly only attending council meetings (can view someoin webcam) and paying atention to news coverage gives even a oartial view.

    Good & appalling in all parties.

    • roy pennington Reply

      will you correct this post?

  2. Alan Robins Reply

    I think you’ re confused Valerie, Stephanie stood in Queens Park, you’re thinking of Labour’s Chaun Wilson

  3. bradly Reply

    re: Steph Powell
    yes, Valerie Paynter is wrong and she should rectify her mistake = as to Steph Powell: she was kicked out by the voters resoundingly

  4. Charlene Reply

    Steph Powell was my councillor in QP, v poor and didn’t do much but claimed a few victories which residents had worked for, we voted her and the other Greens out of this ward, which is now Labour.

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