Brighton Pavilion general election result 2019

Posted On 13 Dec 2019 at 4:19 am

Green MP Caroline Lucas has held Brighton Pavilion at the general election with an increased majority.

She won the seat for a fourth time in less than 10 years with a majority up to 19,940 from 14,699 in 2017.

She said that she was proud to have achieved an increased majority but added: “The pride that I feel is tinged with deep sadness and frankly deep anger.

The Spearhead

“Our political system is so badly broken. Our electoral system is rotten to the core.”

Labour candidate Adam Imanpour came second with 13,211 votes.

And the Conservative candidate Emma Hogan finished third with 10,176.

Here are the number of votes cast for each of the seven candidates

Caroline Lucas – Green – 33,151

Adam Imanpour – Labour – 13,211

Emma Hogan – Conservative – 10,176

Richard Milton – Brexit Party – 770

Citizen Skwith – Monster Raving Loony Party – 301

Bob Dobbs – Independent – 212

Nigel Furness – UK Independence Party (UKIP) – 177

  1. Maureen Binstead Reply

    This result again does not represent the actual people of Brighton’s choice this is solely down to the Student Vote from the University intakes. These people do not and will not live permanently in Brighton once their courses in Brighton have finished so it is rather unfair for the people of Brighton to have to put up with this state of affair time and time again at General or local elections, they really do not have a say in their own right but have to put up with the choice of non permanent residents, namely the students. It is grossly unfair. It is about time that this was stopped and students should only be allowed to vote either in person or by post in their own home towns from whence they came. You would then get a true result of what the actual Brighton people voted for. Thank goodness I no longer live in Brighton, although I was actually Brighton born and bred and lived there for 57 years.

    • Klorathy Reply

      This is probably not true. Maureen Binstead, you are just guessing that lots of students voted in your constituency – you don’t know at all – you are ignorant of the facts. It’s this kind of mindless ignorance that creates conflict and strife.

    • gilbert bligh Reply

      It is very unfair on all local residents. Thousands of students in that constituency and they all vote green – they’ve ripped the heart out of the Lewes Road corridor and there is no sign of it abating. Many of the privately rented student properties are owned by people outside the area too so they don’t care either.
      Caroline Lucas is a career politician who also seems more concerned about matters outside the area too. She has a national and international agenda for her party.
      She campaigns about climate change but all the Green (and Labour) council admins policies have done is create gridlock everywhere in Brighton and therefore increased pollution levels – once again, many of these councillors have been elected by students.
      What we need is legisation to ensure students can only vote where they’ve been a permanent resident for the previous 5 years.
      They have absolutely decimated Brighton irreversibly, and I’m going to contact the Conservative party to see if they can introduce legislation to end this anomaly just like I did to the Labour party for leasehold and commonhold law reform. It will take time but we need to prevent that wretched woman still being here in another 20 years.

  2. Selina Reply

    You are more likely to see Lord Lucan, Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster walking around the city than see Lucas anywhere near Brighton Pavilion

    • Big foot Reply

      Yes, good idea Maureen. The Tories should introduce student loans so students don’t have any time to vote. Such a pesky nuisance this democracy stuff.. so overrated. What’s wrong with 10,000s of people dying from cold on the streets. Bring in cuts to education, I say, that way we’ll have the tories in forever. By the way, how did you vote when you were at University Maureen?

    • Laurence Hill Reply

      This is nonsense – I see her often and have met her a number of times

  3. Adam Smith Reply

    Why on earth does everyone assume she wins because of the student vote? If that were true, every town with a university would have a green MP!

    57% of the electorate voted for her – that’s a huge majority and can’t possibly be attributed to students.

    • gilbert bligh Reply

      thats because there are around 30,000 students living in that constituency and she got around that number of votes – does that make sense to you or is the maths a little difficult?

      • Adam Smith Reply

        So you think 100 percent of students voted, despite most being on Xmas holidays and having the option to vote in their home town. And you think 100 percent of students voted for the same party. And you think 100 percent of students live in her constituency, as opposed to Kemp Town, which voted Labour. Does that make sense to you, or is maths a little difficult?

        • gilbert bligh Reply

          that’s the problem with people like you – can’t face facts – there are 30000 students living in her constituency – there are not that many students living in kemp town – I know why don’t we have another general election because the results don’t suit you – canterbury’s labour mp was elected by students because they vote for who they want en masse just like they did for Lucas – that’s not democratic – it’s a farce – please find me a student who voted tory in pavilion

  4. james gaskell Reply

    The Greens have turned Brighton into an open sewer, they have no interest in true environmentalism. They are just a bunch of nasty SJW Marxists who spread division and hate. Very worst humanity has to offer.

  5. Jenny Reply

    The student population of Brighton is 14% (according to Brighton and Hove council).

    She won 60% of the vote.

    Like someone said above, if her win was caused by students every uni town would have a Green MP.

  6. Billy Reply

    The idea that all the students in Brighton turn out and vote Green is laughable.
    If you want to see where the Green vote comes from then drive ( or maybe walk) around Hanover.
    Then again, those of us that live or lived there are often ex students, albeit 35 years ago in my case.
    The student turnover in Brighton and Hove is what keeps the city alive in my opinion.
    Don’t mix up your student prejudices with the true voting wishes of the local electorate.
    That said, I’m in Hove nowadays and a Labour voter.

  7. Dawnio Reply

    Don’t kid yourself folks! I live in the Kemp town constituency and there are so many students living in our area that the local school may have to close….. if I hadn’t been voting tactically I’d have voted for The Green Party because Caroline is decent and wants all the right things. I’ve met her and I think she’s amazing, I think she genuinely tries really hard to get the right result… despite being the only Green in the village, The Greens got near on 1 million votes! Go Caroline, keep doing your best, keep doing what you’re doing!

    • gilbert bligh Reply

      what total B******t – so all the students have moved into kemptown and all the lgbt community have moved out?

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