Second GP surgery closes for deep clean

Posted On 11 Feb 2020 at 10:41 am

By James Dunham

A second Brighton GP surgery has closed for a deep clean while health officials tackle the coronavirus outbreak.

The Deneway Surgery at Lionsdene in Deneway is a branch of the Warmdene Surgery which closed yesterday after GP Dr Catriona Greenwood was confirmed as having contracted the virus.

Dr Greenwood picked up the virus while on a skiing trip in France from Hove father Steve Walsh, who himself contracted it at a conference in Singapore.

The Warmdene Surgery remains closed today despite reassurances being given to councillors it would be open again.

So far, the places affected are:

  • County Oak Medical Centre, where Dr Catriona Greenwood worked one admin day last week, and its branch surgery at Deneway.
  • Grenadier Pub in Hangleton, which was visited by Steve Walsh on February 1.
  • Cornerstone Community Centre, where a yoga teacher came into contact with Steve Walsh on February 3. No other people have been advised to self-isolate.
  • easyjet flight EZS8481 to Gatwick from Geneva on January 28, which is believed to be the flight Mr Walsh took back to the UK
  • Bevendean Primary School, where a staff member has been in close contact with someone who has been advised to self-isolate (but is not themselves diagnosed)
  • Portslade Academy, which told parents on Friday one of its pupils has been advised to self-isolate for a fortnight after coming into contact with the Hove father. It’s believed pupils at other schools have been given the same advice.
  • Patcham Nursing Home, which has closed its doors to all visitors after being visited by one of the medics now confirmed as having the virus.

Five people from Brighton have been confirmed as having contracted the virus. They are Mr Walsh, Dr Greenwood and three other men, one of whom is a doctor.

  1. David Cunningham Reply

    What’s the point of carrying out deep cleaning here if places such as the Grenadier pub – known to have been visited by the super-spreader remain open and untreated?

    • Jonathan Simons Reply

      The grenadier said they did a deep clean as soon as it was known he’d been there

      • David Cunningham Reply

        No – the deep medical clean being done at the surgery has NOT happened at the Grenadier pub. All that has happened is that some pub staff have been put in self-isolation but there is no way of checking if they are actually complying.

      • David Cunningham Reply

        No the deep medical clean being done at the surgery has NOT happened at the Grenadier pub. All that has happened is that some pub staff have apparently gone into self-isolation, though nobody is checking if they are actually self-isolating.

    • KatieBrighton Reply

      I agree 100%. The pub has not been shut and deep cleaned like the GP surgery and neither has the community centre visited by many where he did a yoga class – why not?

    • John Reply

      Deep cleaning is not necessary for ordinary buildings. The virus does not live for long outside the body.

  2. TP Reply

    Centres for Disease Control and Prevention say it’s currently unclear if a person can get 2019-nCoV by touching a surface or object that has the virus on it and then touching their own mouth, nose, or possibly their eyes. I would suggest you are more likely to pickup any number of bugs other than 2016-nCoV in most pubs. How often do they properly clean surfaces anyway. Consider this, on average 12,000 people die in the UK from the the common flu that mutates every year but nobody’s running around hysterically deep cleaning everything in sight. With all this hysteria people are going to start stripping the supermarkets to stock pile for Armageddon.

  3. Nick chastern Reply

    Some of you in brighton need to realise this no joke and take it seriously like the rest of us the pub should be shut and totally clean head to foot all customers with spreader should be checked. Think about the old and little ones and freaked out parents

    • TP Reply

      It’s not a case of not taking it seriously it’s about being realistic and putting it into perspective. If you’re that concerned don’t go to that pub or any pub or any public place and by the way don’t touch an ATM machine or shopping basket/trolley or travel on public transport. I suggest you batten down the hatches, get dressed in your chemical suit, and lock yourself away until it’s all over and the papers get bored reporting on it because it’s not selling as many papers as the next big potential world catastrophe.

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