Refuse collections likely to be hit by coronavirus absences

Posted On 20 Mar 2020 at 12:06 pm

Refuse and recycling collections are likely to be hit by staff shortages caused by new coronavirus guidelines, the council has warned.

Brighton and Hove City Council is suspending garden waste collection for at least the next two weeks while it tries to source agency drivers and operatives.

And the city’s litter cops are being pulled off the streets to reduce social contact, and instead deployed to other Cityclean duties.

Public toilets remain open for now, but this is being kept under review and hours and sites may be reduced.

New bins and boxes won’t be delivered for now, and only offensive graffiti and human waste will be removed by street cleaners.

However, emptying litter bins and dog poo bins in the city centre, east and west will be prioritised.

with missed collections, the council says it will be unable to catch up on missed work and if a collection is missed, residents’ next collection will take place on their next scheduled collection day if possible.

Residents can take any type of waste to the two Household Waste Recycling Sites (HWRS). This can include taking friends and neighbours waste if they can’t get there by car etc.

People can take their garden waste to our Household Waste Recycling Sites (HWRS) and customers will have their contract extended where appropriate to cover collections that are missed

The third garden waste round due to be started on April 1 will now be postponed.

All customers can still renew their subscription or sign up if invited to do so, time will be added to these subscriptions also to make up for lost time.

Commercial waste customers may be asked to use communal bins if there’s not enough workers to collect them.

Beach cleans, Tidy Up Teams etc are being suspended

  1. rolivan Reply

    With more and more families staying at home surely there will be more Rubbish. For the Council to tell people to take rubbish to transfer stations is irresponsible.
    I have just managed to travel over from France and as of yesterday all of Brittany Ferries ships are being used for freight only for at least the next month.
    I had to have an attestation as to why I was travelling and as to where.
    The only businesses that are open are Supermarkets, Bakers, Petrol Stations, Pharmacies and Tobacconists.
    Stay safe everyone and heres hoping we all come out the other side.

  2. Rosy Young Reply

    Crikey, this is no time to not be emptying the bins!!

  3. Rostrum Reply

    Well I never.. Who’d have thunk it… Any excuse.

  4. David whitehouse Reply

    I tried the Hove refuse Place and it was locked up! When can we use it as the bin collections are sporadic and foxes attack waste on the roadside

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