Permit scheme will cut 250 parking spaces from Portslade streets

Posted On 09 Jun 2020 at 1:07 pm

A proposed permit scheme is expected to cut parking in South Portslade by about 250 spaces.

The proposals are the subject of a six-week consultation which started yesterday (Monday 8 June).

The scheme has been drawn up by Brighton and Hove City Council and – if agreed – would be likely to start next year from a date still to be decided.

The council held an initial consultation in September and October last year when people living in the area indicated a preference for a light-touch scheme.

Questionnaires were sent to almost 2,500 homes, out of more than 3,000 homes in the ward.

And, of about 10,000 residents, responses were received from 911 people – a response rate of about 36 per cent.

Of those, 544 – or about 60 per cent of respondents – wanted the area to become a controlled parking zone, with 56.6 per cent preferring a light-touch scheme to a full 9am to 8pm scheme.

Under a light-touch scheme, parking would be restricted for two hours a day – from 11am to noon and from 6pm to 7pm.

More people preferred a light-touch scheme running from Monday to Friday – 437 respondents – rather than a scheme running seven days a week, which was supported by 366 people.

Residents would have to buy permits which currently cost £100 a year or £1.92 a week, with a discounted price of £50 a year for low-emission vehicles.

Permits for high-emission vehicles cost £125 a year – or £2.40 a week. They are expected to go up to £150 a year – or £2.88 a week.

Visitor permits would be available for £2.50 a day and people with disabilities who qualify for a blue badge would have to pay £15 a year.

The council said: “Parking pressures for local residents, visitors and businesses have increased following the introduction of parking schemes in neighbouring areas.

“The high number of vehicles parked all day, parked on pavements and on double yellow lines causes difficulties for pedestrians and interrupts the smooth flow of traffic, including emergency service vehicles.

“Residents in South Portslade are being invited to have their say on proposals for a residents parking scheme in the area.

St Andrew’s Road in Portslade

“Due to circumstances arising from the covid-19 pandemic, residents are being asked to complete an online questionnaire by the closing date of Friday 17 July.”

The online questionnaire can be found by clicking here.

The council added: “All responses will be carefully considered and reported to the council’s Environment, Transport and Sustainability Committee on Tuesday 29 September.”

South Portslade councillor Les Hamilton said: “We have listened to residents in South Portslade and now want to hear their views about these latest proposals.

“I’d urge all residents in the area to take part to ensure any decision we make is representative of the views of people living in South Portslade.”

  1. Sally chapman Reply

    Is Applesham Way included in this scheme.

    • Lisa Wingham Reply

      No but that’s we’re we all will be parking sorry we’re having half our parking taken all in the name of profit money as if we don’t pay enough to the council.

  2. Stu Reply

    Another way of putting it would be,

    “Portslade parking scheme will free up 250 spaces for residents”

    Or, more cynically,

    ‘Council pockets another £25,000 per year in additional localised taxation”

    Take your pick.

  3. Peter Jackson Reply

    This scheme takes most roads down to single side parking which will dramatically reduce availability. Personally, happy to pay into a parking scheme but this particular scheme looks like a disaster waiting to happen.

  4. Unfair Parking Reply

    Residents get charged more to not be able to park.

    Why are the residents made to pay the same as those who get a FULL scheme?

    If you work from home you will not be able to go out at 1pm in your car as the only time you are assured a space is 11-12 ans 6 to 7. Elsewhere with a “Full” scheme you are actually assured a space to park 8am to 8pm. These partial schemes are unfair on the residents.

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