Brighton and Hove political parties meet privately to prepare for Green coronation

Posted On 22 Jul 2020 at 8:23 pm

The three political parties on Brighton and Hove City Council were due to meet privately today to prepare for the expected takeover by the Greens tomorrow (Thursday 23 July).

The three party leaders issued a joint statement this afternoon, emphasising the goal of a smooth transition.

The outgoing Labour council leader Nancy Platts, Phélim Mac Cafferty, who is expected to become the new Green council leader tomorrow, and Conservative leader Steve Bell said: “The priority for us all is to provide leadership for the city and deliver essential services to our residents.

“We are working in the best interests of all in Brighton and Hove to provide stability following the recent resignations in the Labour group which have changed the balance of power in the administration of the council.

“We recognise that by custom the largest elected group forms an administration of the council.

“We are currently looking at the best options to ensure a smooth transition of any changes to the current administration.

“We are meeting in our groups today to decide the nature of the council administration moving forward and details of how this will be delivered will be shared tomorrow.

“No further statements will be issued by any of the groups today.

“A report from the chief executive outlining the options will be presented at full council at 4.30pm tomorrow afternoon.

“The council’s memberships is currently as follows

  • 19 from the Green group
  • 18 from the Labour group
  • 13 from the Conservative group
  • 4 independents

“The full council meeting tomorrow will be available to watch by webcast.”

  1. Valerie Reply

    As City Council Leader Phelim must concentrate on the big picture & the many rather than the minorities/few in need of rights/PR suppport if he replaces Nancy Platts. His considerable capacity & strengths will be taxed to the limit just replacing lost Dept heads & Kuensberg (Statutory Finance), finding finance to run services, sorting the i360 debt horror, and anticiipatîng directional need as Boris targets the planning system.

    • Christopher Hawtree Reply

      Your interesting points would have gained from separate sentences.

      Meanwhile, I am so worried about Hove Library after Labour’s cllr Appich could not be bothered to send, this past month, the written Reply to the Question about Hove Library she was unable to answer on the spot.

      • Paul J Williams Reply

        I second you in concerns for Hove Library. We need answers. And reassurances.

        • Christopher Hawtree Reply

          Thanks! So many Hove residents talk about the Library while I stroll every day. I am startled that the Council did not issue an outline of what is in prospect for the libraries in these extraordinary times (which will not be over until next spring, at the earliest). I am in touch with the new Administration. Meanwhile, today in City Books, very good talk about the public relish for books (which, across the country, have seen higher sales than the same period last year).

  2. Nathan Adler Reply

    It will be a big first test for the Greens have they learnt from their previous mistakes? The first test will be wether to Reopen Madeira Drive – every business along there, the Pier, Sea Life Centre, Marina and Tourism Alliance are desperate for it to reopen to help trade and tourism. Cllr Wares compromise seems reasonable BUT will the Greens look to protect jobs, improve disabled access or stick with an anti car agenda and keep it closed. It will be a good indicator of what comes first in their future agenda.

    • Christopher Hawtree Reply

      “future agenda”? Surely that is tautology? Agenda means coming matters?

      • Nigel Furness Reply

        Is that really the best you can do Chris, make a play on words instead of contributing to The intelligent debate which Nathan has started? You’re a typical politician, fantasising that you’re somehow intellectually superior and above all these nasty, local ‘plebs’ whom you now find yourself obliged to live among and whom, no doubt, you feel owe you a huge debt of gratitude for riding into town on your white charger and playing a huge part in bringing about the first ‘Green’ Administration. I can’t understand why why you hang out with these people, bearing in mind how little support they offered your 2015 General Election in Hove; “WHAT A FOOL I’VE BEEN,” you loudly lamented to to the bemused locals of a certain pub in your beloved Hove that night. “After everything I’ve done for Caroline (Lucas), she’s diverted all the shock troops to Brighton Pavilion–leaving me to fend for myself in Hove,” you wailed. Take my advice, Chris, and go back to writing obituaries (you can always drop them through my door for proof reading like you used to), or perhaps resume you job as the WORDSMITH at that newspaper of Murdoch’s—oh!—I forgot—YOU LOST IT, DIDN’T YOU?

  3. ChrisC Reply

    There really isn’t going to be that much change. The council has gone from a minority Labour administration to a minority Green one.

    The Tories and Labour will soon vote anything down they don’t like – Just as the Greens and Tories could (and did) vote down Labour policies.

    Plus they are subject to the the same financial pressures and legal responsibilities that the council has whoever is in charge.

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