Labour picks candidate for Patcham by-election

Posted On 06 Apr 2021 at 11:28 pm

Labour has selected a university lecturer as the party’s candidate for the Patcham by-election next month.

Psychology lecturer Bruno De Oliveira is due to contest the seat left vacant with the resignation of Conservative councillor Lee Wares, who has moved to be closer to his elderly parents.

Mr De Oliveira, who has lived and worked in the ward, said: “For too long the residents of Hollingbury and Patcham have been forgotten – ignored in favour of areas closer to the city.

“They need a strong voice to speak up for them. I will be that voice.

“As somebody who knows the area, I have witnessed the amazing sense of community spirit that has seen us through the challenges of the last year.

“However, I fear the impact of even more austerity measures. Hollingbury and Patcham needs councillors prepared to defend our local services, protect our home owners and tenants and combat the climate crisis – somebody who will stick up for our families and young people, the elderly and self-employed.”

Councillor Nancy Platts, the leader of the opposition Labour group on Brighton and Hove City Council, said: “I am delighted that Bruno has been selected as our candidate for Hollingbury and Patcham.

“He is a great campaigner and will be a strong voice for people who live and work here.

“Bruno will bring great insight and expertise on tackling disadvantage which Labour has made a key priority as we recover from the pandemic.”

The party said that Mr De Oliveira had contributed to a United Nations report on poverty in Britain.

He had also led successful projects providing health care to the most vulnerable in Brighton and Hove, the party said, and worked with projects to find ways to protect victims of domestic violence.

Mr De Oliveira said: “My first ever volunteering opportunity was at All Saints Church in Patcham, working with young people from the local schools.

“While working with the St John Ambulance, in Hollingbury, one thing that always concerned me was the lack of support that community organisations such as the Old Boat Corner Community Centre (OBCCC) got. Hollingbury can no longer be neglected.

Bruno De Oliveira

“I wish to thank former Councillor Lee Wares for his ‘community first’ approach and I will strive to work just as tirelessly on behalf of all the residents of Hollingbury and Patcham.

“My priorities will be protecting our local services from austerity cuts, combating the climate crisis and supporting all our residents.

“I would be honoured to serve all the residents of Hollingbury and Patcham, responding to their concerns and representing this fantastic ward.”

Mr De Oliveira completed his doctorate – a PhD or doctor of philosophy degree – at Brighton University and volunteered with homeless charity Emmaus.

He is up against Conservative candidate Anne Meadows, who previously represented Moulsecoomb and Bevendean for Labour.

The Green candidate is Eliza Wyatt and the Liberal Democrats have selected Madelaine Hunter-Taylor.

Election day is Thursday 6 May.

  1. Susie Reply

    He doesn’t look like a fruitcake. his a psychologist things are looking much better for labour already. Doleviera looks alright, that will worry that Greens. Good luck to him.

  2. Mary Reply

    Sounds like a great candidate: educated and community-minded – what more could you ask for?

  3. MR Save our city from the green/red menace. Reply

    ” combating the climate crisis ” AKA gridlocking the city.
    Never trust labour, look what they are doing now with the greens, gridlocking and polluting the city with these so called temporary cycle lanes that they intend to keep.

    • Chloe Reply

      Oh! The tories seem scared by this. Never trust labour, what about a turncoat Labour now tory?

  4. Jojo Goldsmith Reply

    Another momentum loon picked by a local party controlled by momentum loons. He won’t get elected in Patcham so will pop up elsewhere eventually.

    • Tania Reply

      Jojo 10k if you get anything on doliveira being on Momentum? Nonsense. The Tories are freaking out!

  5. Katy Reply

    Who’s the loon.
    A University lecturer with a PhD and a track record of community campaigning, or
    Peddlers of fake news who regularly cry ‘momentum’ at anybody not right-wing enough.
    I’ll happily vote for any caring councillor who wants to protect local services from cuts, tackle climate change and stand up for families, young people and our elderly. It would be loony not to!

  6. Nick Childs Reply

    A great candidate. Intelligent, passionate and local!!

    • Hendra Reply

      …and Momentum – like you

  7. John Taylor Reply

    Another so called psychology lecturer the labour party is full of them. A Corbyn supporter and is a momentum member. He has no life experience particularly for those who are self employed and paying for a mortgage. He sounds like another Nick Childs someone who can send his child to private school but dictates that your not allowed to. Perhaps he can give a few tips to Nancy Platts as she couldn’t cope with the pressure.

    • Teresa Reply

      Blimey. The tories are going in for personal attacks. People are clever they will google him and find out for themselves if he is a momentum member. But, what made me giggle was your comment on he has no life experience, who nonsense is that?! The only people I know not paying mortgage or rent are tories (okay, and some greens).Just a mean spirit comment of a hater. Are you a bit bitter with life, sir? Btw, the Planet Earth is round, just sayin’

      • John Taylor Reply

        Oh I seem to have hit a sore spot. You labour supporters are all hypocrites, if a person works hard all their lives and have made money you hate that and want to take it from them.
        That’s why the labour party got trounced at the general election. Anyway sit down, have a cup of tea and think about what the communist state means to you and your Momentum ideals. Communism killed at least 65 million people between 1917 and 2017: And Communism has killed huge numbers of people intentionally, even more of its victims have died from starvation as a result of its cruel social engineering. So you, as a Momentum supporter can think on that.

        • Tesa Reply

          5G has nothing to do with COVID. Tin foil anyone?

    • Katy Reply

      Care to provide any evidence to support fake news that he is a momentum member? Again you assume that this person has no life experiences. Your comments are baseless. Given his occupation, maybe you could call on his services.

      • Chaz. Reply

        I get the feeling from your comments that you are his muse Katy.
        Have a lie down dear, again.

  8. John Taylor Reply

    Why are Momentum supporters getting so upset at being called Momentum?

    • Liz Reply

      Have you got yout tin foil hat yet?

    • Hendra Reply

      Because ‘Momentum’ is synonymous with ‘nutcase’. The fact that the candidate has been endorsed by fellow Momentum hypocrite, cllr Childs speaks volumes.

      • Mimi Reply

        Don’t be naive to online trolls. It is not Nick. I despear!

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