Please keep covered, urges bus company boss

Posted On 16 Jul 2021 at 7:12 pm

Martin Harris

Passengers are being urged not to ditch their face masks by bus company bosses just days before national coronavirus restrictions are eased.

Brighton and Hove Buses is asking passengers “to keep wearing face coverings” on its buses after Monday (19 July) if they can.

The company said: “The government is expected to tell public transport passengers, shoppers and users of other indoor facilities in England on Monday that they are no longer legally required to wear a face covering but is still saying it expects them to be worn.

Brighton and Hove Buses managing director Martin Harris said that while face coverings would no longer be compulsory on public transport, people were strongly encouraged to wear one, unless exempt.

Mr Harris said: “The government, our local authority and public health teams are advising that people continue to wear face coverings in enclosed spaces.

“We fully support this and our messaging on face coverings on buses remains in place.

“We highly recommend that passengers who can wear face coverings continue to wear them, unless they cannot.

“This is the same recommendation for all enclosed spaces such as shops.

“As the final details are being worked through, I would ask all passengers to continue to act responsibly to help keep each other safe.”

Mr Harris said that bus passengers would notice “very little difference” when they travelled from Monday.

He said: “We will continue to maintain measures such as thoroughly cleaning our buses and extra touch point cleaning, providing hand sanitiser on board and keeping windows open to refresh the air.

“Capacity numbers will revert to pre-pandemic levels and almost all of the measures we have put in place throughout the pandemic and the guidance we have applied will remain in place.”

Mr Harris said that buses were essential to the recovery of the local economy and a part of life gradually returning to normal.

He added: “We are really pleased to welcome people back on to our buses as seating and standing restrictions on buses are removed.

“All the other health and safety measures we have put in place during the pandemic will stay, because our priority is – and will always be – the safety of our customers and colleagues.”

The bus company would continue to listen to the advice of local public health teams, Mr Harris said, working also with the council and consulting trade union representatives to deliver safe and sustainable travel options for the communities it served.

  1. brad Reply

    fine, as long as you ask politely and respect that i might forget or don’t care enough to worry == and that i do not believe the propaganda

    • Robert Smith Reply

      What you call “propaganda” is actually ample scientific evidence that Coronavirus exists and is killing tens of thousands of people, particularly inside where there is less air circulation.

      However, I’m willing to put the ample scientific evidence to one side, to use logic to show why people should not politely respect you. People should instead, loudly disrespect you.

      You stated correctly that you do not believe. Yes, you have a belief and that is all it is, is a belief, not peer-reviewed science, a belief.

      If you are correct about your belief, it is true no harm is done.
      If your beliefs are wrong, then by not wearing a mask, you spread the virus and that virus can kill or cause long term illness.

      If you are correct about your belief, by wearing a mask no harm is done, apart from perhaps your annoyance or a slight discomfort.
      If your beliefs are wrong, then by wearing a mask, you protect yourself and others.

      So the worst case scenario for not wearing a mask, is the spread and death of people. Whereas the worst case scenario for wearing a mask is discomfort and annoyance.

      So I can not possibly respect you, because clearly you are an incredibly arrogant person if you believe your discomfort and annoyance is of more importance than the lives of others, based merely on a belief.

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