Family firm revises plans for £12m dairy homes scheme

The family firm behind plans to turn an old dairy into homes and offices has had a rethink about the layout, prompting fresh concerns from neighbours.

Superstone Homes, owned by the Taghan family, wants councillors to approve revisions to its £12 million scheme to build 19 homes at the old Dairy Crest depot in The Droveway, Hove.

The company has submitted changes to the proposed building materials, the design of the roof and windows, the internal layouts, landscaping, cycle parking and bin storage.

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Superstone was granted planning permission for the scheme last year but brought in a new team of professionals to review the project.

Planning consultancy Mialex said that its review was intended to “identify opportunities to improve the external design and enhance the layout of the scheme where appropriate”.

The proposed changes include layout revisions that would create more living and dining space in some of the homes.

Superstone said that the amendments were minor and would not create any design or heritage issues or affect neighbouring properties.

But people living behind the site, in Mallory Road, have sent 14 objections to Brighton and Hove City Council.

One objector, whose details were redacted by the council on its website, said: “Mallory Road is a quiet narrow cul-de-sac and children play out in the streets.

“Access from the development which might lead to increased footfall and vehicle traffic from people parking in Mallory Road would negatively impact on the amount of traffic, noise, pollution, etc, on this quiet road.

“We need a commitment that there will be no construction traffic through Mallory Road during the development as it is a small narrow road.”

The scheme is expected to bring in more than £400,000 to the council in “community infrastructure levy”.

Officials have backed the changes and a decision is expected next week.

The council’s Planning Committee is due to meet at 12.30pm on Wednesday 5 October at Hove Town Hall. The meeting is scheduled to be webcast on the council’s website.

  1. James Reply

    £400,000 “community levy”is no more than a £21,000 surcharge on each house that the home buyers will need to pay as a back hander to the council.

  2. Paul Reply

    As a resident of Mallory Road, I’ve been disappointed by the lack of engagement by Superstone. The plans have been amended several times over the years but consultation has been poor. I recently approached Superstone’s agent asking for a meeting with the Taghan family but they did not even reply to my email. It’s funny how calling a business a ‘family firm’ makes it sound so much more caring when in reality they haven’t personally answered any of our concerns. Mallory Road is a cul-de-sac. Yes, we’re very lucky to live here and of course it’s fair to accuse us of nimbyism – but wouldn’t you want to protect what you have? We all recognise that much needed homes will be built on the site we just want to make sure the developer isn’t being a) greedy by over developing and b) inconsiderate to the neighbours. Too much to ask?

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