Dozens protest about proposed closure of public toilets in park in Hove

Posted On 01 Feb 2023 at 4:26 pm

Dozens of people took part in a demo to protest about the proposed closure of public toilets in a park in Hove.

More than 40 people gathered in St Ann’s Well Gardens where they were addressed by Labour councillor Jackie O’Quinn, who represents Goldsmid ward.

The protest was organised by the Friends of St Ann’s Well Gardens and Goldsmid Labour councillors and candidates.

Councillor O’Quinn emphasised the importance of public toilets and criticised the Green council’s approach in making the cuts.

She described it as: “It’s not statutory. We don’t have to provide toilets … so let’s just get shot of them.

“We’ve just done a big launch of wellbeing in the city and for that you need to be able to go to the toilet.

“If you want people to go and use the parks and go to the seafront, if you want tourists in the city, you must provide basic amenities like toilets.”

The organisers said that St Ann’s Well Gardens was the only park in Goldsmid ward. As the home of the Little Forest Nursery, the Garden Café and the local tennis club, it was a focal point for the local community.

The park’s many amenities and proximity to two local primary schools ensure its constant use by residents including dog walkers and families with young children.

And, they said, the park was one of only 15 accessible parks in Brighton and Hove, boasting the “sensory garden”, which was designed for people with disabilities.

But, the protest organisers said, those with disabilities were exactly those who would be most affected by the closure of the public toilets, along with anyone with a medical condition, pregnant women and families with small children.

Councillor Jackie O’Quinn

St Ann’s Well Gardens is one of 17 public toilets which are due to close from April as part of a proposal to cut £300,000 from Brighton and Hove’s public toilet budget.

Labour councillors have accused the Greens of failing to carry out an adequate consultation with fellow Labour and Conservative councillors or any of the groups that would be affected by the closures.

Two online petitions have attracted more than 13,000 signatures between them, objecting to the proposed closures.

The petition on the council’s website has attracted more than 5,000 signatures while another on has attracted more than 8,000 names.

The issue is expected to come up at the council’s next Policy and Resources Committee meeting which is due to start at 4pm tomorrow (Thursday 2 February) at Hove Town Hall.

  1. Silas Reply

    The Green Gift that keeps on giving!
    No money they say?
    They always find lots of money to waste on their dogma driven cycling and anti-car policies

    • Hendrik Reply

      And illuminated “artworks”.

    • Car Delenda Est Reply

      Active travel funding comes from the government and is earmarked.

      • mart Burt Reply

        Car Delenda Est
        This city enjoys a number of Grants that are ring fenced, what you don’t understand is these need to be topped up with our taxes.

  2. Yiblett Reply

    The greens are taking the *iss. Or not as the case may be.

  3. Barry Reply

    Dirty places should be shut, wait till you get home

    • Ian Reply

      And if you can’t?

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