Brighton and Hove parking charges set to soar

Posted On 04 Feb 2010 at 8:40 pm

The cost of parking in some parts of Brighton and Hove is set to rocket after the annual increase is implemented in April.

The Argus reports that the price of parking for an hour in the London Road car park will increase 25% from 80p to £1.

Its full list of figures shows the cost for parking for an hour at the King Alfred car park will double from 50p to £1 – and the half hour option at The Lanes will go, effectively doubling the amount you pay for a quick trip from £1.20 to £2.40.

However, although the cost of short term parking will increase by more than inflation at most of the city centre’s car parks, most of the longer term options will have no increase at all.

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An annual residents parking permit will increase by 1.9% from £106 to £108.

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