Hove student arrested after climbing on Cenotaph

Posted On 12 Dec 2010 at 8:31 pm

The Hove student pictured climbing on the Cenotaph in London has been arrested.

Charlie Gilmour, 21, the son of Pink Floyd star David Gilmour and author Polly Samson, was being questioned today by officers from the Metropolitan Police.

He was photographed hanging from a Union Flag on the war memorial in Whitehall during the student tuition fees protests on Thursday (9 December).

He was held on suspicion of violent disorder and trying to damage the flag.

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The pictures were broadcast on television and appeared on several newspaper front pages.

Gilmour, a history student at Cambridge University, was a pupil at Lancing College.

His family owns a six-storey home in Hove.

He has issued a public apology for “my moment of idiocy”.

  1. Valerie Paynter Reply

    Several newspapers carry photographs of young Master Gilmour showing us that his moment of idiocy included wearing latex gloves to keep his hands warm (!). Or is this a new style statement? Oh look! There’s a rock in one of his latex-gloved hands in one photo….hmmm….food for thought (for the police).

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