Brighton schoolgirl stars in Paul Whitehouse TV ad

Posted On 06 Jan 2011 at 12:58 pm

A Brighton schoolgirl is set to star in a TV advert with Paul Whitehouse in the coming weeks.

Amy Seymour, 13, landed the part of the comedian’s daughter in the Aviva advert after beating competition from hundreds of other budding actresses.

She said: “I was ecstatic when I found out I had been chosen, as I had worked so hard in all the auditions. I have appeared in a few children’s television programmes in the past and hopefully this will open more doors in acting.”

The advert, which was directed by Declan Lowney (whose credits include “Father Ted”, “Little Britain” and “Cold Feet”), took two days to film and involved 20 people on the shoot.

It is set in a family home with a son, daughter and their parents.

Amy said Paul Whitehouse, who plays the father, was really encouraging.

She said: “We worked as a team on the set and he gave me lots of advice to achieve the best possible results.”

Amy, who has appeared in many shows at her school, Roedean, says that she gets lots of encouragement from the school and her classmates.

She said: “My approach was that if I get the role then that is great, and if I don’t get the part I just think, oh well at least I tried. But my friends at school were so supportive and were really pleased for me when they heard I had been selected.”

Amy is now hoping to continue her television career and is preparing for more auditions.

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