Brighton and Hove voters invited to learn how to influence the council

Posted On 16 Mar 2011 at 11:51 am

A local democracy workshop is being held next week to help people learn how to influence politicians and officials.

The workshop is open to students, residents, youth and community groups.

It is being run by Brighton and Hove City Council with support from the Community University Partnership Programme at Brighton University.

The aim of workshop is to encourage people to take an interest in local decision-making and to learn how to be better involved in making changes in their community.

Officers from the council’s democratic services team will outline what the city council does, the role of councillors and how decisions are made.

They will go through the five main ways for residents to get an issue on to the council agenda

  • Through a local councillor
  • Write a public question
  • Submit a deputation
  • Start a petition
  • Suggest a topic for scrutiny

Councillor Brian Oxley, chairman of the council’s governance committee, said: “The workshop is a practical way of learning how residents can make a difference and influence the council.

“Officers will demonstrate how using these methods works and how residents have influenced the course of decision-making in the past.”

The workshop starts at 2pm next Wednesday (23 March) at the Checkland Building at Brighton University’s Falmer campus.

Anyone interested in attending should contact Jane Clarke on 01273 291064 or email

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