Brighton neighbours battle to save cherry tree

Posted On 03 Apr 2011 at 7:52 pm

Kemp Town residents have started a petition to try to stop a cherry tree from being chopped down to make way for a parking space.

They have just over a week – until Tuesday 12 April – to register their objections to the planning application for the work in Crescent Place, Brighton.

The application also entails the demolition of a wall and the felling of other trees, shrubs and bushes.

Bob Barker and Judy Evans, of Crescent Place, have organised the petition which can be read and signed here.

Spacewords Brighton

They said: “The garden provides a riot of colour from roses, leaves and blossom when in season.

“When the wind is right, a magnificent cherry tree covers the street with blossom like pink confetti.

“The garden wall and glimpses of the garden beyond provide a touch of mystery.

“Many times visitors peer on tip-toes and parents raise young children up to shoulder height to inquire of this ‘secret’ garden in a Kemp Town street.

“The loss of this scene for the sake of a single car parking space should not be allowed.”

The proposal – for an address within the East Cliff Conservation Area – is likely to be discussed by the planning committee of Brighton and Hove City Council.

To make a formal comment on the application, click here.

  1. Dave Campbell Reply

    Cutting down trees to make (more) space for cars seems to be a particularly backwards way of looking at issues.

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