Hove road reopens as cycle lanes are completed

Posted On 01 Jun 2012 at 2:00 pm

Old Shoreham Road reopened to traffic today (Friday 1 June) after six months of work creating cycle lanes.

The road has been shut from The Drive and Shirley Drive crossroads to Dyke Road in two phases, most recently from The Upper Drive to Dyke Road.

There are still temporary traffic lights at two of the junctions while safer permanent crossings are installed.

The cycle paths will be formally opened on Monday 18 June during National Cycling Week.

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Children at nearby schools have been playing in closed off parts of the road and teachers have been asked to remind pupils to take care now that traffic can use the whole road again.

  1. Bob Reply

    Wasn’t it supposed to be finished 14 May? And they are still doing the junctions? Did it come in on budget?

  2. Unhappy resident Reply

    Why couldn’t they save money by putting the cycle lane on just one side?.

    Would like to know what the Emergency Services think about the narrowing of the road seeing as they use it regularly.

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