Conservatives prepare to readopt both their MPs in Brighton and Hove

Posted On 05 Mar 2013 at 10:07 pm

Two Conservative MPs are expected to be picked by their parties this week to stand again at the next general election.

Simon Kirby, the MP for Brighton Kemptown, and Mike Weatherley, who represents Hove, are both expected to be readopted as their respective constituency party’s candidate.

Neither is expected to face a contest for the reselection.

The meetings take place for Brighton Kemptown on Thursday (7 March) and for Hove on Friday (8 March).

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The party has yet to decide who its candidate will be in Brighton Pavilion at the next general election which is scheduled for May 2015.

Whoever is chosen will try to unseat Caroline Lucas who became Britain’s first Green MP at the last election in 2010.

The Greens have already reselected Dr Lucas and chosen Davy Jones as their candidate for Brighton Kemptown and Christopher Hawtree as their candidate for Hove.

Labour will choose from a women-only shortlist in both Brighton seats and from an open shortlist in Hove.

The Liberal Democrats have yet to make their plans public.


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