Brighton University to train troops to become teachers

Posted On 10 Jun 2013 at 2:37 am

Brighton University is leading a government-funded project to train members of the armed forces to become classroom teachers.

The university is working with six other universities on the Troops to Teachers programme and a host of outstanding primary and secondary schools.

The consortium’s aims include helping military personnel to enjoy a smooth transition into the civilian workforce when they leave the services.

The programme is intended to be focused on those who have the potential to become outstanding teachers.

Brighton University said: “The Troops to Teachers programme, funded by the Department for Education, aims to recruit the best service leavers into teaching.”

Lorraine Harrison, head of Brighton University’s School of Education, said: “Troops to Teachers recognises that exceptional service leavers have invaluable skills and experiences to bring to teaching, especially if they have trained other people as part of their role.

“They know how to motivate, communicate, handle a situation and have the confidence and composure to work with young learners.

“They also have experience of working in a variety of different contexts.

“Troops to Teachers initial teacher training programme builds upon these experiences and skills.”


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