Level fountains times extended in fits and bursts

Posted On 04 Aug 2014 at 9:31 am
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The Level fountains are now running for longer every day – but in staged bursts to allow the water recycling system to catch up.

level fountainsThe fountains were hit by unspecified technical problems earlier in the year, and were first switched on at the re-opening ceremony on June 14, and running times were then limited to four hours a day.

The fountains are now on from 11am to 5.30pm for the duration of the summer holidays – but for half hour bursts every hour rather than continuously.

A council spokesman said: “The reason the fountains at the Level can’t run full-time at the moment is because the water that is used is recycled after going through a rigorous treatment process, rather than just flushed down the drains.

“So it’s a good news story in terms of the environment and not wasting water, but it does mean that additional time is needed to fill the water tanks up because we need to make sure that the water has been safely and fully treated each time the water goes back into the system.

He addd: “It’s not a cost saving measure.”

  1. Scott Reply

    Good morning.

    After an internet search for The Level fountains operating times, I’ve found several different timetables and no up-to-date info! The council page refers you to the operator and the operator page refers you to the council!

    What are the actual current operating times for fountains?

    Thank you.

    • Jo Wadsworth Reply

      Hi Scott,

      This isn’t official info, but this year they seem to be staying on until about 12.30pm, then switching on again about 2.30pm and on until 6pm. I’m not sure what time they go on, sorry!

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