Hands Off Hove Park School campaigners celebrate governors’ decision to reject academy plan

Posted On 22 Sep 2014 at 7:38 pm

Hands Off Hove Park School campaigners were celebrating this evening (Monday 22 September) after governors voted unanimously against turning the school into an academy.

The campaign group, led by parents Sharon Duggal and Natasha Steel, said: “The parents, carers and members of the community that make up Hands Off Hove Park School are delighted and thrilled that the governors have ultimately made the right decision and voted no to academy status.

“This is an excellent result for the whole of this school community but also for all schools across Brighton and Hove.

Hove Park School protest 20140922-1

Campaigners protested outside Hove Park School this evening

“Mr Trimmer (head teacher Derek Trimmer) and the governing body have clearly recognised that the reality of academies is that they weaken governance and accountability and offer nothing in terms of raising standards or improving the educational environment for children, parents, teachers and communities.

“When the proposal to become an academy was first made in March a lot of people thought it was a done deal.

“We have to thank all the students, parents, teachers, city council, trade unions and other community members that kept faith with our campaign.

“Together we have made banners, written letters, composed songs, tweeted, posted, marched, rallied, lobbied, laughed, performed, donated, banged wheelie bins and stood at the school gates night after night to ensure this conversion didn’t take place.

“At times it has taken over our lives but it has brought us together as a loud and strong collective voice.

“It has demonstrated that Hove Park has a fantastic community who clearly care about the school and the education of all children in the community, regardless of background or ability.

“We hope other parents across the country involved in similar battles against the deregulation of state education will draw encouragement and hope from our campaign.

Hove Park School protest 20140922-2“We hope that people will take similar action where the public services they cherish and depend on are threatened.

“It’s been hard work but it’s been a lot of fun.

“As a vibrant and active parent group, we can now look forward to directing our energy into supporting the school to ensure it continues on an upwards trajectory, helping to build on the improvements that have already been made in the last few years for the benefit of current Hove Park students  and generations to come.”

  1. Christopher Hawtree Reply

    Congratulations to the parents and teachers who stuck with all this through long months – campaigns take over life – and showed the diligence, savvy and vital humour that made this crucial issue resoundingly argued. An exemplary, heartening campaign. It will echo across England.

  2. May Day Reply

    Bloomin’ well done!!!!

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