Secret Samaritan spreads origami love around Brighton

Posted On 26 Feb 2015 at 10:26 am

Messages of hope and support inside paper hearts have been left in locations around Brighton and Hove by a mystery origami artist.

origami heartsThe brightly coloured parcels were created by an artist who then enclosed a printed message telling the recipient they are loved.

She then sent them to places she thought people might be in need of them, such as mental health facilities or a in a collection for rough sleepers.

The artist, who wishes to remain anonymous, said: “Recently I went to visit friends in Nottingham to support a charity event and made a new friend, Debra, who is very creative.

“She had the idea to make them and plant them randomly around Nottingham. I brought that idea home and decided to place them strategically in places of need, needle clinic, residential homes, mental health day centre and homeless warm clothes collection with a positive message hidden in each one.

origami message“The idea of doing it appeals to me as I had already made them for a friend’s wedding favours as a gift two years ago.

“I also have bipolar affective disorder and was in Mill View Hospital’s psychiatric ward in November as had a very bad dip.

“Throughout that time I was very blessed to have a really supportive family and friends and love from them and the extended family of the church I attend.

“It made me think of people in similar circumstances who may not have anyone to turn to in crisis, and loneliness can be so crippling.

“So I wanted to do the hearts as an expression of love for those people to know someone is thinking of them.”

One of the places she placed them in was the Preston Park Recovery Centre. Recovery worker Mark Foster said: “They were a bit of a talking point and in general people appreciated them.”



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