Dangermobile driver lives life on the edge with bad parking

Posted On 06 Mar 2015 at 8:27 am

A flash four wheel drive with tinted windows and a numberplate reading Danger has been spotted risking it all – by parking on a double-yellow lined junction.

Danger pratThe Range Rover was spotted yesterday on the corner of Grove Hill and Richmond Parade.

The eagle-eyed person who snapped this picture, who wishes to remain anonymous for fear of dangerous reprisals, joked: “He laughs in the face of parking tickets! Your earth rules can’t touch him!”

  1. Tom Reply

    Amazing car and the number plate is really decent stands out
    Who Evers it is good luck to them
    If I owned that I think I might park the same

  2. Bob Reply

    Looks like it has been deliberatly placed there as a traffic calming measure.

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