More Brighton and Hove plantpots to be placed in the street to reduce speeds

Posted On 12 Mar 2015 at 11:11 am

More plantpots are to be placed in a Hove road following a controversial trial in Viaduct Road, Brighton, which has seen average speeds plummet.

Waterloo Street. Image taken from Google Streetview

Waterloo Street. Image taken from Google Streetview

But the planters due to be placed in Waterloo Street will not act as chicanes, but instead be placed in line with parked cars.

Residents hope the pots, which will be delivered by i360 contractor Mackley and filled with Holm oaks, will act as a visual clue to drivers to slow down.

Ward councillor Ollie Sykes said: “These planters were once placed along Western Road, and now they’ve returned to the area after some time in storage.

“I think they’ll transform Waterloo Street and I hope they will also slow traffic down. Our officers in Cityparks and Highways have been fantastic.

“I’m especially grateful to Mackley for providing the transport: we couldn’t have done this without them.”

Waterloo Street residents have undertaken to care for the new trees. One, Lou Perrotta, said: “It will make the street look absolutely gorgeous.

“We are committed to looking after the trees and to planting bulbs and summer bedding underneath. Huge thanks are due to Cllr Ollie Sykes who has liaised between the council, Mackley and residents.”

Mackley’s marketing manager David Knapp said: “As a local company, we take great pride in supporting Brighton and Hove Council with this manoeuvre and recognise the numerous benefits attached.

“Our association with the local community ensures we maintain our reputation as a friendly, efficient and supportive company and we look forward to other similar opportunities.”

Four of the five planters will be placed on the street in line with parked cars, and a fifth on a pavement build-out. A Green party spokesman said there will be no loss of parking space.

The planters are due to arrive at lunchtime today.

Planters were placed in Viaduct Road, Brighton, last month to act as chicanes in a speed-reduction trial.

They prompted an outcry from motorists, but average speeds have since dropped from 43mph to about 23mph.

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