Brighton students wake up to massive Simpsons mural being painted on their home

Posted On 24 Apr 2015 at 8:22 pm

A group of Brighton students discovered a giant Simpsons mural being painted on their house when they woke up this morning.

homerRenowned Brighton graffiti artist Aroe MSK was commissioned by the landlord to paint the striking artwork on the house in Hartington Road as a result of his Viaduct Road piece last month.

Passers-by stopped to watch as the Bartington Road mural took shape from 10am to 8pm tonight.

Brighton University student Samuel Irvine, 22, said: “I came down this morning to have a cigarette and there was a smell like nail polish.

“I was trying to work out wat it was and saw a ladder, then spotted half a Bart Simpson on the wall.

“Aroe told us what was happening and then Pat from Homelets came by and explained what was going on.

“I love it though, I think it’s great. We had the bright orange house on the corner which was visible and it’s even more visible now.”

bartAroe said: “The landlord of this house is a friend of the Viaduct Road landlord. He wanted to spruce the house up for the students and asked me to paint it for him.”

He remained tight-lipped on why the Simpsons theme had been chosen.

The Viaduct House was painted after the council sent letters to people living in the street asking them to tidy up the outside of their houses.


  1. pip gregory Reply

    funny how he paints on trains but dont get done for it.. but when any other Graffias do it. thay do.. maybe he should get charged with criminal damage like anyone else..

  2. Joe Stains Reply

    And the value of other properties in the area plummets…

    • Donald Trump Reply

      Is that’s what life is all about now? What a sado-lighten up have you heard of fun, looks a fantastic job!

      • Chips And Beans For Dinner Reply

        What is a ‘sado’?

  3. Homer Reply

    Wow fantastic! I want to move in…

  4. Hjarrs Reply


  5. Carol Reply

    There’s graffitti and there’s street art. Two very different things. I love this!

  6. Lisa Reply

    Haha, so very British to moan about something like this. This is Brighton! Get over it! Looks sick m8.

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