Homeless camp moves again to escape troublemakers

Posted On 07 May 2015 at 2:18 pm

A homeless camp which set up earlier this month on the Old Steine has now relocated to escape a small group of troublemakers.

The camp first started after the Homelessness March on Wednesday, April 15, and stayed at the Old Steine for three days until being moved on by police.

It then set up 200m away in Victoria Gardens, but after people from outside the camp caused trouble, it moved again to the New England Street area last Thursday.

One of the camp members, Ree, said: “There were some issues at the last camp which caused lack of sleep and stress for those there.

“The people who relocated didn’t feel comfortable being around a small few who were not there for the right reasons, causing trouble and violence.

“People from outside of the camp caused trouble and violence on Thursday night, hence the urgent relocation to assist in helping to keep people safe and have an opportunity to rest.”

A police spokesman said: “The camp is currently located in the New England Street area and is being dealt with by Brighton and Hove City Council.

“There have been no complaints about anti-social behaviour in the area and there have been no reports about any offences committed by or against the occupants.”

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