Election result: Goldsmid

Posted On 09 May 2015 at 6:32 pm

Labour picked up two seats from the Greens in Goldsmid ward. Jackie O’Quinn and Saoirse Horan were the Labour winners along with Amanda Knight for the Greens.


(3 seats)

Lucy Emeile-Samy, Conservative, 2,110

Linda Freedman, Conservative, 2,303

Dave Hill, Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition, 247

Saoirse Horan, Labour, 2,899

Danny Hoskins, Conservative, 2,045

Amanda Knight, Green, 2,767

Andrew Lippett, Green, 2,154

Matthew Moors, Green, 1,936

Jackie O’Quinn, Labour, 3,291

Gloria Parks, UKIP, 362

Malcolm Prescott, Labour, 2,652

Kevin Smith, UKIP, 348

Robert Spurrier-Kimbell, UKIP, 262

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