Election result: Queen’s Park

Posted On 09 May 2015 at 6:22 pm

Labour have won all three seats in Queen’s Park from the Greens.

Karen Barford, Dan Chapman and Adrian Morris now join Brighton and Hove City Council.

They beat sitting Green councillors Geoffrey Bowden and Steph Powell and candidate Richard Stanton.

Queen’s Park

(3 seats)

Karen Barford, Labour, 3,284

Geoffrey Bowden*, Green, 2,484

Phil Brownlie, Conservative, 1,366

Daniel Chapman, Labour, 3,017

Adrian Morris, Labour, 2,764

Colin Piper, Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition, 243

Stephanie Powell*, Green, 2,555

Liz Robinson, Liberal Democrat, 593

Chris Shanks, Conservative, 1,452

Daisy Shirley, Conservative, 1,359

Richard Stanton, Green, 2,062

Brian Stone, Liberal Democrat, 349

Turnout was 63.9 per cent and 52 ballot papers were rejected.

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