Brighton and Hove noise patrol to return from next month

Posted On 27 Mar 2016 at 6:23 pm

The out of hours noise patrol in Brighton and Hove is expected to return from early next month.

The news was given to a meeting of Brighton and Hove City Council in response to a question by the opposition Conservative leader Councillor Geoffrey Theobald.

Councillor Geoffrey Theobald

Councillor Geoffrey Theobald

At the full council meeting on Thursday 24 March Councillor Theobald asked: “In view of the Conservative group amendment that was agreed by budget council to reverse the administration’s proposed £50,000 saving to the noise patrol service, will the chair of the Environment, Transport and Sustainability Committee please confirm what level of service will now be provided to residents?”

Gill Mitchell, the Labour councillor who chairs the Environment, Transport and Sustainability Committee, said: “It is important that the out of hours noise patrol service is reintroduced as soon as possible.

“As a minimum it is expected that a service will be provided along the lines of the historic service of 10pm to 3am Friday and Saturday nights and it is proposed that this will be provided from early April.

“At the same time we are taking this opportunity to review how and when the service is delivered and ensure it meets with current customer need and demand – and risk.

“In addition we are making sure that any review is being done alongside the development of the City Neighbourhood, Community Collaboration and Inspection and Enforcement Programme.”

  1. Pomy Collingwood Reply

    People are gett’n stabbed in the City, homeless are dying, junkies are screaming & shouting by the projects while landlords putting 13 people in a room divided by walls built by cowboy builders and friends…
    Yes, I’d say a ” division ” called Noise Patrol is making things better.

    • david Reply

      this is totally out of order …. clearly demonstrates that you dont know what the issues are ..

  2. NotPomy Reply

    What has the noise patrol got to do with crime and illegal housing?

    • david Reply

      it just happens to be part of the drive to improve the quality of life of the people who pay the council taxes…Does it matter which division …surely NOT

  3. Lesley Reply

    Oh great, I remember calling them on a Sunday about 130 am answer machine, police number, police told me they no longer dealt with it and noise patrol packed up at midnight, so when you most likely to need em,off duty, however services we do need cut to virtual extinction, give us our money back!

    • david Reply

      they work Friday and Saturday night … better than nothing !!!

  4. Stevolution Reply

    So long as they make sure no one is listening to Bryan Adams then all the junkies, cowboy builders and stabbings will sort themselves out

  5. david Reply

    Most of these comments are really very worrying………….
    they show a serious level of naivety ……
    For the people who are massively effected by the very badly behaved students the noise patrol is a life line …Without this / there is absolutely nothing to stop the ghastly behaviour which destroys quality of Life..
    unless we want people to take matters into their own hands / which is not really what we are aiming for in a civilised society
    So every little bit helps

  6. deve Reply

    At last after the awful Greens allowing and seemingly encouraging bad behaviour – Brighton is trying to reclaim itself – Litter/enforcement patrols, anti traveler displacement orders, noise patrols. Just need to look into the street drinking, street sleeping and begging – which is totally out of control. There is an unbelievable amount of beggars on the street when walking from North Laine, via New Road to Palmeira sq. Was approached yesterday in New Road by library with the usual story of “just need £1 to get into a night hostel/train fare home” We need to reclaim the streets of Brighton from the wasters that were encouraged by the Greens and give the streets back to the residents.

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