Seven Albanian men admit drug dealing in Brighton and Hove

Posted On 13 Jul 2016 at 6:21 pm

Seven Albanian men face prison after they admitted being part of a drugs gang selling cocaine in Brighton and Hove.

They were among 12 men arrested last month in a series of raids on six properties by Sussex Police. The seven men pleaded guilty at Hove Crown Court yesterday (Tuesday 12 July).

The men were arrested at addresses in Pool Valley, Preston Grange, Donald Hall Road, Regency Mews and London Road, Brighton, and Hove Park Villas in Hove.

Sussex Police said: “Quantities of cash, cocaine and vehicles were seized worth several thousands of pounds.”

The seven men who pleaded guilty to conspiring to supply cocaine were

  • Reo Capa, 21, unemployed, of no fixed address
  • Gjenti Capa, 27, unemployed, of no fixed address
  • Ndricim Xhepha, 28, unemployed, of London Road, Brighton
  • Gledis Osmani, 21, unemployed, of London Road, Brighton
  • Mevlan Dema, 34, a catering manager, of Hove Park Villas, Hove
  • Kadri Dema, 23, unemployed, of no fixed address
  • Izmir Dema, 25, unemployed, of no fixed address

Mevlan Dema also pleaded guilty to two charges of money laundering.

They will be sentenced at a later date to be fixed.

Two other men did not enter a plea and are due back in court on Friday 29 July. They were

  • Leonard Dema, 35, unemployed, of Pennymead, Harlow, Essex
  • Klinton Dani, 23, a kitchen worker, of Pool Valley, Brighton

Three other men were arrested in the raids on Tuesday 7 June. One of them, a 31-year-old Brighton man arrested on suspicion of attempted possession with intent to supply class A drugs, was released on bail until Monday 18 July.

The two others, a 32-year-old man and a 42-year-old man, both from Brighton, who were arrested on suspicion of conspiracy with intent to supply class A drugs, were released on bail until Wednesday 27 July.

  1. Philip Hilton Reply

    You people who take in immigrants with open arms, will never learn.
    They come and invade our towns a cities and all they do is abuse our system.
    These people are borne criminals, as that is the way of the country,and if one has read the news regarding Albanians,they send their drug money back home to purchase luxury homes etc.

    • Eddie Reply

      The above comment by Philip Hilton is an extremely narrow minded view on immigrants. To say that they are ‘born criminals’ shows that you know have had very little interaction with people who come here from different countries and you get most of your opinions from tabloids and conversations with other deeply ignorant and foolish people.

      A) Most of the immigrants who come to Britain are nice people.
      B) There are plenty of British people who offer very little to benefit society…… And if you don’t believe me, just take a look at Philip Hilton.

  2. Philip Hilton Reply

    One is not narrow minded to say the least, one is just a realist.
    All immigrants who come here abuse our system to fulfil their greed regardless what damage they do to people who take them in.
    Just get real, and try and see the big picture if one can.

    • Phil's Mum Reply

      Sadly, I think British people need their government to invest more in education. Poor Phil thinks that all people from other countries are the same I.e. thinking that they are all the same kind of people (just to spell it out for you Phil, just in case you got lost).

      I am British and Phil is British too, under his logic I must be a bigoted racist with the same kind of understanding of the world as an autistic tea towel. I assure you that most British people are not as ignorant or as poorly educated as Phil.

      We need more investment in education in this country so us British are able to decipher differences between people. Some people are drug dealers, some are doctors, and some have a total lack of understanding of basic human perceptions. If I am going too fast for you Phil, my apologies.

      I am sure if you contact the kind people at the NHS, they might be able to put you into residential care, and hopefully take computers and access to the internet away from you.

    • Eddie Reply

      One day Philip, you may look back on your reply and laugh at yourself. You to state that you are “not narrow minded” and even then follow on to tell me to “look at the bigger picture”, which is ridiculous. How can you honestly believe that all immigrants are criminals? I defy you to look online for positive articles about immigrants… I think you you find plenty. Once you’ve done a bit of research you can pat yourself on the back for following your own advice and “looking at the bigger picture”.

      Until then….. Keep embarrassing yourself publicly by publishing ignorant, narrow minded statements online and then backing them up with self contradicting arguments.

  3. Jo Reply

    Those sweet Albanians which Britain and other NATO countries said were so sweet and innocent now have crime gangs all over Europe. NATO, with Brit help, even carved another country out for them.
    Every week British news is full of Albanian gangs, thieves, murderers and/or rapists. They also shot U.S. airmen at an airport in Germany a few years ago, and now there’s news about an Albanian “terrorist hacker” who hacked the names of U.S. military personnel and gave it to ISIL/Daesh putting them and their families in jeopardy.
    This is their way to thank you for what you did for them, and they will be the gift that will keep giving…you more crime.

    • Manjola Reply

      They are not true what all of you talking about Albanian people. The people that they are dealing with dirty work they are inspired by English American Italian to work for them to make bit of money to feed the family back home because they are suffering. The real dealers that they have villas and money they don’t leave they country to emigrate so cope on stop talking bollshit. England they don’t offer nothing to emigrants they give them no choice. They are lots of homeless people that they die every day they don’t get help. So you who think you know everything you don’t now nothing start open your eyes and see the reality.

  4. David lee Reply

    Albanions are born criminals. These guys come over to England and do not work never pay tax all they do is sell drugs and abuse our system. They traffic immigrants from Albania. All they do with money is send it back home to purchase luxuary homes and luxuary life styles. These albanions should be banned for life entering England. They are theirs and drug dealers that’s what they are! No one should stick up for these drug dealers unless you are one your self.

  5. Albanian voice Reply

    After reading all these comments it is not a shock by far to read how many of you rasist english people wait for the first oppertunity to read something of this kind of nature and actually rub your noses in it. As many of you im aware know how to use the internet please go on google and search how many english people commit crime each day but its never put on the news know i want you to answer a question to yourselves why is that? Well in my opinion i think maybe because albanians are always targeted by media for being foreigne and because for such a small country with a small population which have evolved in the last centry they like and tresure nice things ie cars homes etc maybe they like to live well and not like animals. At no point am i condoning these illegal activitys but to say all albanians are that way is very narrow minded you have plenty of lawyers doctors builders that build homes for you people, car wash workes which introduced you to keeping cars clean would be a good idea etc now a vast majority pay taxes, taxes which are used to pay for your council houses, benefits etc if all us imegrants are so bad then is it fare to say that all english people sit on there asses all day watch tv with a can of beer have 5-7 kids and claim benifits till there last breath use us imigrants money to laze about and throw abuse at the first oppertunity i would say thats not fair every country society has good and bad all i can say about us albanians is that we have morels hard working respectful people but hot tempured when provoked by ignorant individuals like these comments . Talking about rapists yea its right to say that when english women get drunk on nights out go and sleep with anyone that looks at them then the next morning doest recognise who is next to them they cry rape in this country and they get a lump sum of money for damages if the defendent is an imigrant they can cry rape easy in this country because the legel system allows it poor old english girl got raped by an illigal immigrant well stop sleeping with men that dobt speak the language and dont understand english. Please google another thing peodofiles most of them are english whats your view on the sentance they get ? Come on ignorant side of england speak up now ill let you search and actually think befor you write idiotic comments you should really be ashamed at yourselfes and philip maybe a daughter of yours or wife had bad experiances with albanian men sorry but dont blame us blame mother nature. GN

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