Brighton radio station to move to Open Market

Posted On 25 Jul 2016 at 8:58 pm

A Brighton radio station is moving to the Open Market – less than half a mile from its current anonymous home.

Radio Reverb, a not-for-profit station, will make the move in the coming weeks with a view to making its first live broadcast from the rejuvenated Open Market on Thursday 1 September.

The directors of Radio Reverb said that they saw the move from Cheapside, near Brighton Station, as “a huge opportunity for the radio station”.

They hope it would make it “more accessible for listeners … allowing the community aspect of Radio Reverb to be more visible from this acclaimed location in the city”.

They also hope that the new relationship with the Open Market will allow for “more interaction within the community space with listeners, local businesses, community groups and cultural activities”.

Radio Reverb director Tracey Allen said: “Radio Reverb is all about the community and we feel that the Open Market is right at the heart of that vibrant and eclectic side of the city.

“We cannot wait to start broadcasting from our new space in the market and being more visible to our listeners. It’s a very exciting future for Radio Reverb.”

Market manager Paul Tricker said: “The Open Market is proud to welcome Radio Reverb to its historic site. In addition to the great stalls and units which we have, we can now boast Brighton’s brightest radio station is coming along to join the party.

“The management team are pleased that Radio Reverb has decided that we are the right place for them to broadcast to our great city.

“The Open Market and Radio Reverb are a match made in heaven and we look forward to a long and happy partnership.”

The 24-hour station for Brighton and Hove is run entirely by volunteers, supported by sponsorship from local businesses.

The regulator Ofcom recently extended Radio Reverb’s community radio licence until 2022.

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