i360 gets stuck again

Posted On 11 Sep 2016 at 6:31 pm

The i360 got stuck again this evening with almost 200 passengers on board for more than an hour before engineers resolved the problem.

The pod was stationary for about an hour just above ground level, with one frustrated passenger tweeting pictures from inside.

A technical fault has again been blamed, but those stuck inside could at least take advantage of the camping toilet, which has already been taken out, with a tent put up around it.

In a statement posted on social media at about 10pm, i360 management said: “British Airways i360 was affected by a technical fault this evening. 

“Passengers disembarked and our on-site engineers are correcting the fault to enable operations to resume tomorrow. 

“We are sorry for the inconvenience caused to customers and will offer those affected a full refund for their visit and a complimentary ticket to return another time.”
Last time the pod got stuck, for two and a half hours on Thursday evening, the camping toilet was not brought out until just after the pod started moving again.

This time, the pod was stuck for just over an hour, from 5.20pm to 6.30pm.

  1. Ndo Reply

    How long until it suffers the opposite, stuck to plunging uncontrollably?!
    Madness, so many issues already.

  2. Chris Reply

    Be tricky if it gets stuck at the top.

  3. Sandra Reply

    Load of rubbish waste of money!! You can see the same view from the top of Falmer road, ridiculous!!! Bring back the Brighton eye !!!!

  4. ESmythe Reply

    It seems that British Airways are happy not to disclose the true nature of the i360 faults. Two successive failures within four days is simply unacceptable. It’s a new “attraction” in Brighton which has been very heavily hyped, therefore the least it can be is reliable and safe. It’s proven to be neither. Just to add to people’s fear when trapped (how do you know how long you’ll be stuck for?) you realise that in order to go to the loo, you’re faced with a very inadequate plastic portaloo in a tent. How’s that for a nightmare. No compensation, just money back and a chance to do it again. For goodness sake.

  5. The ORIGINAL Stains Reply

    Everything that the incapable and incompetent Green Council touched, they messed-up.

    This is no different.

  6. Clare Reply

    People keep talking about the lack of a loo. But the real concern i think would be, what happens if there’s a fire?!
    Trapped at the top or even half way or over, is there any chance of escape or rescue?!

  7. Bob Pendlebury UK Reply

    Clare…spot on…this whole thing is just a disaster waiting to happen, for so many reasons.

  8. Bob Pendlebury UK Reply

    Have consulted with my brother who designs and builds the most complex structures (Nuclear Power Stations) you can imagine…safety is always paramount and he factors in so many fail safe devices beginning with the worst case scenarios and working down.

    His take on the i360 is that this has virtually no inbedded safety like evacuation and several back up systems in case of power failure etc…if there were a serious incident at height, we could be talking about a catastrophic loss of life.

    Close it down now!

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