Brighton police to star in ITV documentary tonight

Posted On 17 Aug 2017 at 1:55 pm

Officers and staff based at Brighton Police Station are due to star in an ITV documentary this evening (Thursday 17 August).

The programme – The Brighton Police – is a two-part documentary, two hours long in total, looking at the variety of work handled by those working for Sussex Police.

It is a follow up to The Nick which gave an insight into the working life of police and support staff in Brighton and Hove and was shown in 2015.

Sussex Police said that The Brighton Police was filmed last year, adding: “The show follows officers and staff working on a variety of different cases including a series of armed robberies, the investigation into a drugs gang operating within the city and an attempted rape.”

The former divisional commander for Brighton and Hove, Nev Kemp, now Assistant Chief Constable of Surrey, said: “Following on from the success of The Nick and the overwhelmingly positive response from the public, we decided to open our doors once more and invite the cameras back in.

“I am pleased with what the film-makers have captured. It shows the typical professionalism and dedication of the officers and staff who are doing a job like no other and are committed to keeping the city of Brighton and Hove safe.

“The first series captured the diverse and sometimes more unusual situations that officers often find themselves in and this series will build upon this.

“Viewers will be given an insight into the complex and sometimes frustrating cases officers face but also their determination and commitment to keeping people safe and achieving justice for victims.

“The programme shows the reality of what it really means to police a vibrant and unique city such as Brighton.”

The Brighton Police will feature a viewers’ favourite from The Nick, Detective Sergeant Julie Greenwood, as well as new faces as they work to keep the streets of Brighton and Hove safe.

The Brighton Police is on ITV at 9pm tonight (Thursday 17 August).

  1. Kirsty lyons Reply

    I am totally disgusted about the way you aired my brothers arrest and my mothers house being filmed on television with absolutely no mum had recently nearly died in January and was just getting herself better, she had just lost her mother and daughter all in in the space of 5 months! Her son john clugston had a breakdown done to losing his sister Gemma…not only did you not ask permission but my sisters son was in the house at the time (sol has speacils needs ) and this has affected him in a terrible way as he was just getting over his mothers death, only now to frighten to go back to college as now thinks he may get picked on.. My mum finally getting herself together after losing my nan my sister and my brother john and you go and show it all on television.. I’m am so disgusted with this.. I will be seeking help over this!!

    • Gemma Smith Reply

      Stop whining
      Spare a thought for the victims of their selfish crimes…no doubt to buy drugs with

  2. Ray McVitie Reply

    The lady doth protest too much! Not a word for the terror Clugston’s victims must have suffered – total self indulgent whingeing.

    But don’t worry luv, Clugston and his mate will soon be released, and I feel sure you’ll want to encourage them to take further revenge on society. So perhaps we’ll see you in a future series, charged as an accessory. Now wouldn’t that make exciting viewing!

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