Cosmic Strip play Distortion Fest at Green Door Store in Brighton

Posted On 22 Apr 2018 at 7:53 pm


Once again the Green Door Store delivers another great event – Distortion Fest.

Located at Lower Goods Yard, Brighton Train Station, BN1 4FQ, the Green Door Store club (with the assistance of Beehive Live Agency) this time were hosting nine up and coming bands that err on the side of distortion.

It was a mere £8 for punters to see nine bands, that was less than £1 an act – very sensibly priced if you ask me.

Cosmic Strip live at the Green Door Store, Brighton 21.4.18

The Brighton & Hove News Music Team were trying to cover as many Brighton events on Saturday 21st April as it was Record Store Day. This was going to reflect some severe juggling and sacrifices as we couldn’t see everything that we wanted to, an example being Dirt Royal’s acoustic set at Vinyl Revolution.

We wanted to check out several of the Distortion Fest bands, but alas had to settle for just the one – Cosmic Strip. We had already seen and reviewed SONS and Lazybones at earlier dates, so I suppose that it wasn’t all bad.

Cosmic Strip live at the Green Door Store, Brighton 21.4.18

However, we were very fortunate in catching Cosmic Strip as I have only recently discovered them when I located their excellent new video for ‘Echo Chamber’, which you can view HERE.

In essence Cosmic Strip is basically Camella on vocals and guitar, with the assistance of her Cosmic friends Kate (on vocals), Alice (on guitar), Jack (on bass), Omar (on drums) and Jay (on synth).

Cosmic Strip live at the Green Door Store, Brighton 21.4.18

They were very good indeed, with no real heavy distortion, more like synthy shoegaze to me. We are looking forward to catching this London based act again, when they head back on the A23 to Brighton for the Great Escape in May.

Catch Cosmic Strip at this years Great Escape

Cosmic Strip’s Distortion Fest setlist was:
‘Welcome To The Cosmos’, ‘Staring At Screens’, ‘Echo Chamber’, ‘Sugar Rush’, ‘Goodbye’, ‘Heavenly’.

Cosmic Strip live at the Green Door Store, Brighton 21.4.18

Find out more from them here:

Distortion Fest flyer

The other eight acts on the bill that we missed are listed below, so you are able to also check them out:



Atlas Wynd

Atlas Wynd:

Calva Louise

Calva Louise:



False Advertising

False Advertising:

Lazybones (taken at Prince Albert 12.3.18)




SONS (taken at Patterns 15.10.17)


More info on the Green Door Store, visit and further info on the Beehive Live Agency, visit:

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