Fringe Review: Guilty Pleasures

Posted On 06 May 2018 at 1:55 pm

Brighton Spiegeltent
Fridays throughout May, 23:00-02.00

It’s become strangely cool to admit that, not only do you love Karaoke, you actually know all the lyrics to Total Eclipse of the Heart and Livin’ On a Prayer. Not so Guilty Pleasures, then, for the most part. The same can’t be said tunes like S Club 7 and 5ive – yet – but nights like this show we’ve a a secret place in our hearts for all the songs of our youth, if only we can be liberated (or drunk) enough to admit it. This long-running and wildly popular club night is a glittery glam celebration of all the cheesy classics and not-so-classics of the last few decades, with sing-a-long karaoke moments and dance-offs. It was a fabulous way to start the Fringe, fighting through sun burnt and beglittered crowds to the heart of the Spiegeltent. One word to the wise though – less Queen, more Britney, please – you can’t dance to Bohemian Rhapsody – and don’t cut songs (especially not the queen of Pop) off half way through, either. It was like doing Karaoke with your annoying mate who skips the songs they don’t like just as you’re getting into it. But a small complaint in the face of a very big thumbs up for this glorious pop-fest. Baby, hit me one more time.

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