The Twagger Band to play Brighton Acoustic Club

Posted On 04 Jan 2019 at 2:49 pm

The Twagger Band are due to play at the Brighton Acoustic Club at the Lord Nelson pub on Monday (7 January).

The Twagger Band

The band formed in 2008 and the five members play an impressive array of instruments between them.

They are singer and Anglo concertina player Will Duke, duo Joy Lewis and Derrick Hughes, multi-instrumentalist Sue Evans and Unreel Ceilidh Band member Ian Chisholm.

Expect anything from Anglo and English concertinas, dulcimers, harp, psaltery, harmonium, Northumbrian smallpipes, whistles, recorders, mandolin, bouzouki, guitar, crumhorn and serpent.

They are billed as “performing beautiful and funny songs and tunes from Britain and beyond – an evening of entertainment awaits”.

The Brighton Acoustic Club said: “As always, floor singers are welcome.”

Admission is free to the session at the Lord Nelson, in Trafalgar Street, Brighton.

The evening, which starts at 8pm, is sponsored by Harvey’s Brewery and Hobgoblin Music.

For more information, visit ‪‬.

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