Four hundred student flats planned for site in Moulsecoomb

Posted On 14 Jan 2019 at 10:11 am

Four hundred student flats are planned for a site in Moulsecoomb, with a public exhibition being held over two days next week.

McLaren Property, which has built three dedicated student blocks in Lewes Road, on and by the Vogue Gyratory, is proposing a “student housing led mixed-use scheme” at 1 Moulsecoomb Way.

The developer said: “Plans are still evolving but they currently include the provision of 400 student bedrooms in purpose-built accommodation, over 1,000 square metres of employment space as part of supporting the local economy, and 242 square metres of community space to allow public use of the development.”

The company’s website suggests that the site could also include some “affordable” housing.

The website said: “The site, currently occupied by a waste management facility, would provide regeneration of the local area and deliver benefits for the community, while providing much required student residential.”

1 Moulsecoomb Way

A dedicated website – – said: “1 Moulsecoomb Way lies just off Lewes Road, and is a short walking distance from both the University of Brighton and the University of Sussex.

“The site has excellent access to public transport, with multiple bus routes on Lewes Road and Moulsecoomb train station only a ten minute walk away.

“McLaren Property invite local residents, businesses and stakeholders to an exhibition that is being held in order to give them the opportunity to view the emerging proposals for this site.

“The exhibition will include initial sketches, plans and information on the proposals, with opportunity to discuss any questions with members of the project team and provide feedback.”

The public exhibition is taking place at St Francis of Assisi Catholic Church, Moulsecoomb Way, Brighton, from noon to 4pm on Wednesday 23 January and from 4pm to 8pm on Thursday 24 January.

  1. Debbi Reply

    Dont you think there is enough already being built …… they are taking over our community

  2. Delta Reply

    I think it’s about time you started thinking of more social housing after all the people that need them have paid into the system. Most are renting places that are damp landlords won’t do repairs and some children are suffering I’ll health!!!!

  3. Chris Reply

    Oh god so they want to bring them to moulsecoomb now? Is it because they had planning permission rejected in coledean? My main question is why all theses student accommodation now? The uni has been here for years so how comes they need all the locations all of a sudden? No one will want them there. Why not do something useful build homeless shelter there or council flats.

  4. Georgia Reply

    I hope people don’t detest students even more because of this.

    Brighton has two universities, both of which are taking on an increasing number of students. New accommodation has just been built on Sussex campus. To make way for this, they demolished what WAS the cheapest campus accommodation. The new accommodation is significantly more expensive, so students are having to look elsewhere.

    Couple that with the fact that, in general, only first-year students are given housing on campus, and of course you’ve got a recipe for more and more students moving into the city.

    Do also bear in mind that the majority of students are not a nuisance. I know this is something that comes up every time student housing is mentioned. I, and many people I know, keep ourselves to ourselves unless the neighbours want a chat. I know there are exceptions, but there always will be. I have had a bigger issue with other residents of the neighbourhood than I have with other students, and have even seen students involved in breaking up a nasty domestic dispute.

    Just something to think about, I guess. Don’t blame the students for wanting the education, blame the way it’s handled if you want to pin it on something.

  5. Marcus Reply

    At least is not in hove or a nice area.

  6. Rebecca Reply

    Seems like Brighton is very accommodating to students at the moment and not the families that have been born and raised here. Lots of families are being forced to move out of the area, our housing, living enviroment,schools and public transport amongst other things are being severely affected as it is!

  7. Kevin Jackson Reply

    it has come to light since the the exhibition / meeting that the info that the developers were giving out was nothing but sweet talking us into thinking this is a good thing ! i have officially been advised that HMO.s cannot be reclaimed or free,d up and there are no such council plans to do so, the developers also told me when i asked how they will enforce the no student parking rule that the council were going to implement a residents parking permit scheme ,again i have officially been advised that there are no such plans to do this either ! ….dear residents please see through this smoke screen and see that this will not be a good thing at all for us

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