Shipbuilding-inspired sculpture to sit at entrance to Hove Lagoon

Posted On 16 Jan 2019 at 2:49 pm

Public art inspired by shipbuilding will create a local wildlife haven in Hove.

This month local designers Millimetre will begin installing the structure on Wharf Road embankment, a triangular shaped piece of land next to the road at the entrance to Shoreham Port and Hove Lagoon.

Inspiration for the project came from a technique known as ‘spline’ which comes from the shipbuilding industry. It is where long thin strips of wood or metal are bent and held in place under stress creating smooth, curving shapes. In shipbuilding it minimises the vessel’s drag in the water.

Designer and Project Manager Adam Harris said: “The brief to environmentally and artistically enhance the space gave us the opportunity to combine a sculptural structure with an ecological underpinning.

“The piece will evolve as the plants establish and gradually envelope the structure creating a green wall that will help absorb carbon emitted by the stream of passing traffic ”.

The structure will be in place this month. Year 6 pupils from St Peter’s Community Primary School, in Portslade, will join other members of the local community to plant flowers and grasses in the spring.

They will be planting climbers to cover the structure and surrounding it with wildflowers and herbs, native plants and grasses. It will add to the chalk butterfly bank (established in 2014), increase wildlife habitat in the area and help to increase green corridors in the Shoreham Harbour area.

A panel of local representatives, including from Shoreham Port and Friends of Hove Lagoon, chose the design for the £38,000 project which is funded by local planning contributions.

Deputy council leader Councillor Gill Mitchell, who chairs the council’s environment committee, said: “The council’s planning, parks and culture teams have helped bring this project to fruition.

“It will provide a nectar bank for butterflies and support a range of insects and native plants as well as creating an attractive feature in the environment.”

The council will begin work soon on developing a public arts strategy for the city.

  1. Marcus Reply

    Poor wildlife. Portslade is grim. Should be in hove or at least somewhere birds won’t be frightened

  2. Alan Robins Reply

    It’s not Portslade

    • Jo Wadsworth Reply

      Sorry Alan, that’s what your council press office told us . . . I’ll double check

  3. Billy Reply

    It’s on the Portslade boundary but technically it’s in Aldrington or ‘west Hove’.
    But good to see, anyway.

  4. Alan Robins Reply

    I believe it’s opposite Saxon Road, below the A259 seafront about half a mile inside the Hove border

    • Mr_Witty Reply

      Saxon House for the elderly!? Oh well give grandma another idiotic obstetrical ieye view to look at I suppose and another companies pocket to line, why not instead use the cash to build a nice walking Escalator across the top of the road directly to the pond where we could enjoy the fun and excitement of the much water sports with a chance to perhaps meet Fatslim or pat David Wulliams pet doggy, whilst enjoying a nice cup of tea watching a cockortoo walking along the seafront.
      Then we could invite Deputy council leader Councillor Gill Mitchell, to join whilst we all pat her on the back with her fruitful ideas! then leave that patch of grass for the wildlife in peace.

  5. Tobe Reply

    It’s really disheartening to see fellow townsfolk being so snotty about their neighbours.

    • Mr_Witty Reply

      Snotty is as snotty does, Tobe?

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