The full list of election candidates for Brighton and Hove City Council

Posted On 03 Apr 2019 at 11:30 pm

Here is the full list of candidates for the local elections next month when all 54 seats on Brighton and Hove City Council are being contested.

Click here for an interactive map showing who is standing in your ward and their answers to a range of questions posed by local democracy reporter Sarah Booker-Lewis and members of the public.

The elections are due to take place on Thursday 2 May with the count taking place at the Brighton Centre on Friday 3 May.

There will be 32 sitting candidates seeking re-election while 21 are standing down or have been deselected and there is one vacant seat.

The Conservatives, Greens and Labour are all fielding a full slate in each of the 21 wards while the Liberal Democrats are putting up 26 candidates.

The UK Independence Party (UKIP) is contesting 11 seats in 10 wards and the Women’s Equality Party is fielding two candidates.

There are a smattering of independents including Bridget Fishleigh in Rottingdean Coastal ward, Adrian Hart in Queen’s Park, Gerald O’Brien in St Peter’s and North Laine, David Trangmar in East Brighton and, in Hangleton and Knoll, Henrietta Izso and Stuart Bower.

In total 207 candidates’ nomination papers were accepted by the 4pm deadline earlier today (Wednesday 3 April), an average of almost 10 in each ward or the equivalent of almost four for each seat.

(* denotes sitting councillor)


Brunswick and Adelaide ward (2 seats – 9 candidates)

Christian Lee Chadwick (Liberal Democrat)

Hannah Ellen Clare (Green)

Tricia Dearlove (Conservative)

John Malcolm Gartside (UK Independence Party)

*Phélim Mac Cafferty (Green)

Duncan Alan Quentin Moore (Liberal Democrat)

Roz Rawcliffe (Conservative)

Joy Robinson (Labour)

Darryl Alex Telles (Labour)


Central Hove ward (2 seats – 9 candidates)

Steve Barrey (Conservative)

Aditi Bhonagiri (Green)

Carol Bullock (Green)

Nigel Furness (UK Independence Party)

Jessie MacNeil-Brown (Women’s Equality Party)

*Clare Isabella Moonan (Labour)

Rico Wojtulewicz (Conservative)

David John Sears (Liberal Democrat)

Gary Wilkinson (Labour)


East Brighton ward (3 seats – 11 candidates)

Nichole Brennan (Labour)

Paul Jonathan Chandler (Liberal Democrat)

Bryan Michael Patrick Coyle (Green)

Anthony Keith Meadows (Conservative)

*Nancy Platts (Labour)

William Jack Jonathan Rudrum (Conservative)

Anna Victoria Philomena Shepherd (Green)

George Harvey Soper (Conservative)

Paul Anthony Steedman (Green)

David Colin Trangmar (Independent)

Gill Williams (Labour)


Goldsmid ward (3 seats – 13 candidates)

John Christopher Allcock (Labour)

Marianna Ebel (Green)

Andrew Stephen England (Liberal Democrat)

Steve Harmer-Strange (Conservative)

Martin Hugo Hess (Conservative)

Raphael T H Hill (Green)

Orla Clare Grainne May (Liberal Democrat)

Steve Moses (Green)

Laura May Mullin (Liberal Democrat)

*Jackie O’Quinn (Labour)

Peter Alan Revell (Conservative)

Carl Taylor (UK Independence Party)

Debbie Taylor (Labour)


Hangleton and Knoll ward (3 seats – 13 candidates)

Benedict Marc Miller Allbrooke (Green)

*Dawn Barnett (Conservative)

Stuart Nicholas Bower (Independent)

Jacqui Cuff (Green)

John Patrick Hewitt (Labour)

Henrietta Zita Izso (Independent)

*Tony Janio (Conservative)

*Nick Lewry (Conservative)

Birgit Rose Valeria Miller (Labour)

Leah Penelope Mooney (Liberal Democrat)

Steven David Richards (UK Independence Party)

Kevin Peter Thomas (Labour)

Lily Saffron Worfolk (Green)


Hanover and Elm Grove ward (3 seats – 11 candidates)

Beverley Angeline Barstow (Women’s Equality Party)

Danielle Louise Cornish-Spencer (Labour)

*Emma Helen Daniel (Labour)

Ed De Souza (Conservative)

*David Stuart Gibson (Green)

Peter William Goodman (Conservative)

Elaine Hills (Green)

Eleanor Katherine Humphrey (Labour)

Steph Powell (Green)

Elizabeth Mary O’Keefe Robinson (Liberal Democrat)

Kerry Ann Underhill (Conservative)


Hollingdean and Stanmer ward (3 seats – 12 candidates)

Alice C T Bennett (Green)

Phillip Clarke (Labour)

Gary Martin Cohen (Conservative)

Tammi Kim Cohen (Conservative)

Theresa Fowler (Labour)

Jack Allan Hazelgrove (Green)

*Tracey Hill (Labour)

Keith William Jago (Liberal Democrat)

Desmond Gary Jones (UK Independence Party)

Malcolm John Murray (Conservative)

Martin Anthony Osborne (Green)

Ashley Charles Joe Scott Ridley (Liberal Democrat)


Hove Park ward (2 seats – 9 candidates)

Samer Bagaeen (Conservative)

*Vanessa Brown (Conservative)

Daniel Goodhand (UK Independence Party)

Michael Charles Harrison (Labour)

Simon Baird Jardine (Liberal Democrat)

Arthur Nigel Jenner (Labour)

Iain Antony Martin (Green)

Nicholas Desmond O’Shea (Liberal Democrat)

Paul Francis Philo (Green)


Moulsecoomb and Bevendean ward (3 seats – 9 candidates)

Mitchie Alexander (Green)

Libby Darling (Green)

Amanda Jane Grimshaw (Labour)

Martin David John Kenig (Conservative)

Kate Knight (Labour)

*Anne Christine Meadows (Conservative)

Amelia Mills (Green)

Robyn Victoria Simson (Conservative)

*Daniel Jonathan Yates (Labour)


North Portslade ward (2 seats – 9 candidates)

*Peter Gerald Atkinson (Labour)

Elizabeth Mary Craig (Liberal Democrat)

Emma Louise Hogan (Conservative)

Hannah Jane Felton (Conservative)

Sharon Gail Teresa Hamlin (Green)

Ian Patrick Harris (UK Independence Party)

Patricia Ann Mountain (UK Independence Party)

Anne Louise Pissaridou (Labour)

Alexander Louis Sallons (Green)


Patcham ward (3 seats – 9 candidates)

Rebecca Louise Duffy (Green)

Janaki Ruvan Jayasuriya (Green)

Geraldine Teresa Keenan (Green)

Renato Marques (Labour)

Alistair McNair (Conservative)

Adam John Scott (Labour)

Janet Smith (Labour)

*Carol Ann Theobald (Conservative)

*Lee Michael Wares (Conservative)


Preston Park ward (3 seats – 10 candidates)

Juan Ignacio Baeza (Labour)

*Julie Anne Cattell (Labour)

Susan Mary Ellerton (Conservative)

Denise Friend (Labour)

Amy Frances Heley (Green)

Siriol Ann Hugh-Jones (Green)

Madelaine Joanna Primrose Hunter-Taylor (Liberal Democrat)

*Leo Littman (Green)

Heather Ann Newberry-Martin (Conservative)

Mark Watson (Conservative)


Queen’s Park ward (3 seats – 11 candidates)

Lucy Agace (Green)

Nicholas Christopher Childs (Labour)

Amanda Evans (Labour)

Martin James Farley (Green)

Lee Anthony Farmer (Conservative)

Adrian Guy Hart (Independent)

James William Noble (Conservative)

Josephine Victoria O’Carroll (Conservative)

Colin Piper (Labour)

Clare Elizabeth Rainey (Green)

George Taylor (Liberal Democrat)


Regency ward (2 seats – 7 candidates)

Poppy Burt (Labour)

Tim Catt (Conservative)

*Tom Druitt (Green)

Lawrence Anthony Parkhouse Eke (Liberal Democrat)

John Gisbert Kapp (Conservative)

*Alexandra L R Phillips (Green)

Dan Simmonds (Labour)


Rottingdean Coastal ward (3 seats – 12 candidates)

Jane Frances Chetwynd-Appleton (Labour)

Lucy Catherine Curle (Liberal Democrat)

Bridget Helen Fishleigh (Independent)

Simon Kenneth Gamble (Liberal Democrat)

Ruby H Jackson-Hall (Green)

Paul Christopher Johnson (Labour)

Robert McIntosh (Labour)

*Mary Bridget Mears (Conservative)

*Joe Miller (Conservative)

David Frederick Plant (Conservative)

Florence Isobel Traini-Cobb (Green)

Matthew Thomas Traini-Cobb (Green)


St Peter’s and North Laine ward (3 seats – 11 candidates)

*Lizzie Deane (Green)

Nick Garside (Conservative)

Daniel Thomas Gray (Labour)

Rob Heale (Liberal Democrat)

Mike Long (Conservative)

Gabriel Glendale Nicholson McCook (Labour)

Linda Mary Murray (Conservative)

Gerald David O’Brien (Independent)

Sue Shanks (Green)

*Pete West (Green)

Maureen Elizabeth Winder (Labour)


South Portslade ward (2 seats – 9 candidates)

Fiona Kaye Bennett (Green)

Jamie Rutherford Gillespie (Conservative)

Simon Gulliver (Green)

*Leslie Arthur Hamilton (Labour)

Danielle Alice Harmer-Strange (Conservative)

Marjorie Ann Leeds (Liberal Democrat)

Kenneth Nightingale (UK Independence Party)

Ken Rist (Liberal Democrat)

*Alan Robins (Labour)


Westbourne ward (2 seats – 9 candidates)

Carmen Gisela Appich (Labour)

*Denise Lorraine Cobb (Conservative)

Geoff Date (Liberal Democrat)

John Guy Davidson (Green)

Hilary Susan Ellis (Liberal Democrat)

Robert Harding (UK Independence Party)

Christopher Hawtree (Green)

Chris Henry (Labour)

Charlie Nicholls (Conservative)


Wish ward (2 seats – 8 candidates)

Alex Braithwaite (Labour)

Andrew James Coleman (Green)

Al Emery (Liberal Democrat)

Gemma Margaret Marie Therese Furness (UK Independence Party)

Alasdair Buchanan Howie (Green)

Adam Imanpour (Labour)

*Robert Stuart Nemeth (Conservative)

*Garry Ian Michael Peltzer Dunn (Conservative)


Withdean ward (3 seats – 10 candidates)

Steve Davis (Green)

Josh Guilmant (Labour)

Tim Hodges (Conservative)

Hyder Kemal Khalil (Liberal Democrat)

Jamie Stephen Lloyd (Green)

Ian McIsaac (Labour)

Sarah Nield (Green)

*Nick Taylor (Conservative)

James Edward Thompson (Labour)

Steve Wade (Conservative)


Woodingdean ward (2 seats – 6 candidates)

*Steve Bell (Conservative)

Sunny Choudhury (Labour)

Cameron James Hardie (Green)

Gwyneth Ann Jones (Green)

*Dee Simson (Conservative)

David Joseph Wilson (Labour)

  1. Maggie Chapman Reply

    You haven’t listed your UKIP candidates. Blatant bigotry

    • Frank le Duc Reply

      Maggie, this list does now include the 11 UKIP candidates but we were waiting to hear from the party who they were fielding. This took a little longer than I had hoped. Sorry about that.

    • Stephen Howlett Reply

      two Years ago I sent Caroline Lucas 2emails asking for her assistance in a crime that was being ignored by Brighton police , no surprise there as it would have meant leaving their nice air conditioned office but the crime was serious but Caroline Lucas who is boasting of putting more police on the streets, totally ignored my emails, not even a response so how she can keep a straight face whilst being so concerned about crime makes me sick, she couldn’t care less about crime and I still have the emails to prove it.

    • Mark Pearce Reply

      Bigotry? That’s rich coming from someone wanting UKIP candidates

  2. Mrs Pauline Winyard Reply

    Just tell us what we must vote that’s how it works now isn’t it

  3. Alan Harper Reply

    If we don’t get the candidate we want can we have another vote so we can? If it’s good enough for the rest of the UK it must be ok for this sleepy backwater?

    • Ste Reply

      Umm, actually, yes; you get to vote every 4 years. lol

  4. Marc Fry Reply

    LibLabCon are quite rightly going to be hammered. They should not even bother getting out of bed.

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