Railed – Head First Acrobats

A new show this year from Brighton Fringe Australian regulars Head First Acrobats who were in residence for the whole month of May and what a show! This sold out saloon bar, cowboy themed presentation was a delight from start to finish.

With the audience comprising a busy crowd of mixed ages, Head First Acrobats bounded on to the stage in their chaps in this new adult oriented show. This Australian gang on tour brought us a comedy circus array of hobby horses and grown men playing at Westerns.

With great musical accompaniment, this high energy revue, incorporated lots of prat falls and tumbling, furniture on wheels, card tricks and balancing acts and lots of joie de vivre. Impressively even the odd glitch, an unexpected sneeze whilst standing upside down or a magic trick gone wrong became a funny event that added to the good humoured entertainment.

Railed offers four artistic and professional lads with lots of zest and humour harking back to the days of the frontier. The performance showcased each of the performers specialist skills while offering ample opportunity for audience participation.

The show was hugely uplifting and energetic with very polished and nerve wracking ladder acrobatics, comedy juggling, and some hilarious gunplay.

A bizarre segment featuring comedy horses, lots of horse play and lots of innuendo brought the house down, and a slowed down jocular homoerotic scene with the four cowboys was witty and tongue in cheek, literally!

This show was just utter genius and much the best thing this review has seen in the Fringe this year. Having seen a number of offerings from this group over the past few years, I haven’t seen a dud yet. They’re a truly talented bunch and we’re lucky that Brighton is now on their annual circuit to sample their delights.

It’s a 5 stars for this show and here’s hoping they come back soon!

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