Brighton council tenants push for action against drug dealers

Concerns about drug dealing around flats in Whitehawk has spurred council tenants to ask for action.

Robert Lodge

Tenant representatives for Robert Lodge, in Whitehawk Road, raised concerns about anti-social behaviour at a Brighton and Hove City Council housing panel.

They feared that one flat had been taken over by “cuckoos” – drug dealers who move into a vulnerable person’s home and use them to deliver drugs.

Neighbours have called for action from the council’s housing department after numerous all-night parties and several police raids.

Despite tenant reps saying that they had complained, housing officials said that they had not received any reports of cuckooing, drug dealing, parties or any other drug-related anti-social behaviour.

Housing manager Rachelle Metcalfe said that cuckooing was considered a high priority by Sussex Police and the housing team but they needed residents to report issues in detail.

She said: “In order to take action against someone’s tenancy, we need written evidence from witnesses with details of times, dates and details of the incidents they have witnessed.

“We will then work with witnesses and other agencies to tackle the problem.

“This will include making appropriate referrals to address support needs.

“If we have sufficient evidence, we have a range of options for taking tenancy enforcement action, including serving a notice of seeking possession, which is the first step in eviction proceedings, making an application to the county court for an injunction or making an application to the magistrates’ court for a closure order.”

She urged residents to report issues to the Housing Customer Services Team on 01273 293030 or by emailing them on

Any criminal activity should be reported to Sussex Police on 101 for non-emergencies and 999 in an emergency when a crime is taking place and/or lives are in danger.

Reports can also be made online via the Sussex Police website or by emailing them on

Crime can also be reported anonymously by telephoning Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.

  1. Christopher Hawtree Reply

    I recall delivering leaflets in Conway Court, off Sackville Road in Hove, and seeing a sign on a door: “do not knock, the drug dealers no longer live here.” Which is a short story in itself.

    • gilbert bligh Reply

      its a shame they weren’t in – could’ve taught u a thing or two about life – instead u are a complete bore – christopher bore tree – how has your inane comment any relevance to this anti-social problem?

  2. Andy Fox Reply

    I have to leave my council property due to sustained physical attacks from my neighbour the council and police refused to act to protect me even with evidence from a doctor at a+e in hindsite don’t even bother with the council nothing will be done

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