Key workers and carers to be given parking concessions during coronavirus outbreak

Posted On 25 Mar 2020 at 1:37 pm

Key workers and carers in Brighton and Hove are to be given parking concessions while the coronavirus lockdown continues – but parking wardens are still giving out tickets.

Brighton and Hove City Council has come under fire from some people who have seen wardens out and about on the streets.

But it says wardens are concentrating on serious contraventions which could impact safety and traffic flow.

A parking ticket issued in Brighton today. By Pops on Twitter

The council said: “It is important to keep the city moving and ensure essential services and supplies can be accessed by people most in need of support. We will continue to monitor the situation in line with government advice

“We are making a number of concessions to key workers and carers to support their important work on a temporary basis. We will be providing more information on this soon.

“Parking enforcement is operating a core hours service and is focusing on the more serious contraventions and incidents of obstructive or dangerous parking that could have a more significant impact on safety and traffic flow.”

Updates can be found here.

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