Dozens of new council homes to be completed in Brighton and Hove within months

Sixty-four new council homes are on track for completion in Brighton and Hove by the end of this year.

The figure appears in a draft housing performance report going before the four Brighton and Hove City Council housing panels, made up of residents’ representatives and councillors.

The report said that 30 flats in the new block in Selsfield Drive should be completed in November.

Twelve new homes on the former garage site in Buckley Close, Hangleton, are already finished.

A further 10 new homes built through the conversion of the former housing office in Oxford Street, Brighton, should be completed this month.

And 12 homes should be ready by December as part of the council’s “Hidden Homes” project, converting unused spaces in existing council flats.

So far this year the council has bought back eight council houses previously sold under the “right to buy”.

Decisions are awaited on a further 39 homes under the buyback scheme.

Last year the council’s Housing Committee agreed to extend the buyback budget from £3 million to £10 million.

Since September 2017 the council has bought 68 homes back under the scheme. Of these, 46 have been let at “social” or “living wage” rents.

Six sites have been identified as having potential for housing by the Community Land Trust which works with community groups on self-build projects across the city.

The former Labour administration and the current Green leadership have a joint commitment to build an extra 800 council homes in Brighton and Hove by 2023.

According to the report, a further 235 “affordable homes” should be completed in the coming year at various sites. Of these, 94 are for rent and 141 for shared ownership.

The report said that the coronavirus crisis had delayed with the council’s programme to bring 650 empty homes back into use.

Just 21 have been brought back into use so far this year but last year 150 empty private homes were reoccupied.

The housing panels are due to meet next Thursday (10 September).

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