Brighton and Hove ’emerging from lockdown in better position’

Posted On 03 Dec 2020 at 11:49 am

Brighton and Hove is leaving lockdown in a better position than it entered following another significant reduction in cases.

The city’s director of public health Alistair Hill struck an optimistic note today in his weekly briefing.

He said the rate of infection in the oldest age group has also seen a sizeable drop.

But he has urged people to remain on high alert to ensure we continue to see cases drop in the run up to Hanukah and Christmas.

In the seven days up to 27 November (based on data published on 2 December) there were 174 confirmed new Covid-19 cases in Brighton & Hove.

This is a 32% decrease from the previous week and equivalent to a weekly rate of new cases of 59.8 per 100,000 residents. This is lower than the rate for England of 158 per 100,000 and of the South East of 140 per 100,000.

So far in the second wave, 25 people have died in Brighton and Hove within 28 days of a positive coronavirus test – about a quarter of the total who died in the first wave, 102.

The two last recorded deaths in the city were on 24 November. It’s estimated the average time from an initial infection to a covid death is about a month.

He said: “We are emerging from lockdown in a better position than when we entered it four weeks ago.

“For the second consecutive week I can report a significant reduction in the number of confirmed cases of covid in our city.

“In the past seven days the number of cases per 100,000 residents has fallen by 32%.

“We are particularly pleased that the rate of infection amongst our most vulnerable 60+ age group has come down so much this past week.

“We are in Tier 2 together with the rest of Sussex. This means we can begin to enjoy fewer restrictions but I urge you all to remain on high alert.

“Lockdown has shown us what we can achieve when we all pull together as a city. Let’s keep it up and follow the Tier 2 rules so we can continue to drive down the rate of infection.

“This is especially relevant in the run-up to Hanukkah and Christmas.”

The Tier 2 rules are:

· you must not socialise with anyone you do not live with or who is not in your support bubble in any indoor setting, whether at home or in a public place

· you must not socialise in a group of more than 6 people outdoors, including in a garden or a public space – this is called the ‘rule of 6’

· businesses and venues can continue to operate in a COVID-Secure manner

· hospitality businesses selling food or drink for consumption on their premises are required to:

· provide table service only in premises which sell alcohol

· alcohol can only be served with substantial meals

· close between 11pm and 5am

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    Turning a blind eye, selfish petulance & sneering is killing some, disabling others and I will never understand how anyone can live with themselves in doing it.

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