Council tax text messages were genuine – not a scam

A text message sent to Brighton and Hove residents saying that they needed to check a council tax website was genuine even though many dismissed it as a scam.

People who received the message shared their concerns on social media, convinced that it was bogus.

The text message said: “This is an important message from Brighton and Hove City Council regarding your council tax payments. Click here for further information.”

Those who received the text also had scam alerts relating to covid-19 vaccination, tax rebates and bank account problems.

The council said: “We have seen reports of a council tax phishing scam.

“We can confirm that this is not a scam and is a legitimate effort to recover council tax funds owed.

“We would like to encourage everyone who has received this message to go to to make a payment or contact us to discuss any difficulties that they may have by calling 01273 291291 or sending a message through

“The agency we have been working with, that sent out the message, has already been contacted and we are exploring if in future all links in messages can be of the format to provide assurance to residents.”

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