Deadline looms for chance to win £800k dream home in charity raffle

Posted On 19 Mar 2021 at 8:01 pm

The deadline is looming to win a stunning £800,000 dream home with views over Palmeira Square and the seafront in Hove.

The recently refurbished three-bedroom flat is being raffled with the aim of raising £100,000 for Rockinghorse Children’s Charity.

Tickets cost just £2, with 10 per cent of the price of each ticket going to the Brighton charity. Click here to buy a ticket.

The prize doesn’t just include the flat, but the stamp duty and legal conveyancing costs. And the council tax and service charges for the first 12 months will also be covered.

The charity raffle closing date is Sunday 4 April, and the organisers are planning to draw the winning ticket on Tuesday 6 April, subject to enough ticket sales being achieved.

A minimum of 550,000 tickets will need to be sold to guarantee the property prize but, regardless, Rockinghorse is to receive 10 per cent of the profits from all ticket sales whether the reserve is reached or not.

And if too few tickets are sold, the winner will receive a cash prize worth 80 per cent of the ticket sale proceeds, after marketing costs.

The apartment’s owner, Fiona Koderisch, said that Rockinghorse, which supports the Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital, in Brighton, had lost more than £50,000 because key fundraising events had been cancelled or postponed since the coronavirus pandemic started.

Rockinghorse provides vital support to the Royal Alex as well as the Trevor Mann Baby Unit, in Brighton, the Special Care Baby Unit at the Princess Royal Hospital, in Haywards Heath, and many other services for sick children across Sussex.

Fiona decided on the unusual way to sell her home after being given the idea by a friend.

She said: “I have been so lucky living here. It’s such a special place – the size, the views, the fabulous vintage lift. I will miss the fantastic views from the bedroom and the window seat most.

“It’s amazing, whatever the weather, especially sunsets – and just watching the world go by.

“I am so happy that I have this amazing opportunity to donate to Rockinghorse when they need help most.

“It’s such an amazing charity, while giving everyone who takes part the chance to win this fabulous apartment and enjoy it like I have. Good luck!”

Rockinghorse events fundraising manager Stella Buckingham said that she was overwhelmed by the offer of support.

She said: “It’s fair to say that the last few months have been challenging for Rockinghorse.

“All our events had to be cancelled and this has had a real impact on our ability to fundraise.

“However, sick, and premature babies and children across the county still need our support as much as ever.

“Which is why we are so thankful to Fiona for choosing us as the charity beneficiary for her raffle.

“Every pound raised will be going towards projects and equipment that can change the lives of the children and families we support.”

  1. Neil Reply

    So the owner makes over £100k above the market price even after giving 10% to charity. Sounds like they are onto a winner!

  2. NickyBN3 Reply

    And you could win a £800k property for £2. Don’t be so quick to judge!

  3. DH Reply


  4. Pat Reply

    That’s a huge number of tickets that need to be sold to make this work. I am not a pessimist but I cannot imagine that the seller will get anywhere near selling 550,000 tickets but she does make herself sound good and generous about her possible plan.

  5. Graham Bell Reply

    If they sell their intended 550,000 tickets that’s £1,100,0000.
    £800,000 for the property.
    £100,000 for charity.
    £200,000 for the greedy scam artists who are organising this con.

  6. My abacus broke Reply

    2 x 550000 = 1,100,000 … 800,000 + 100,000 = 900,000 … something bent? I must get my abacus mended…

  7. SB Reply

    Even better if target isn’t reached; get to keep 10% of sales – say £500,000 raised – 80% prize – 10% charity = £50,000 earnt.

  8. Lisa wilcox Reply

    The prize is £30k. Very disappointing.

  9. Darrie Reply

    Firstly,the Rockinghorse charity has lost so much money due to Covid-19 they need all the help they can get and I know that the owner of the property has been giving the charity money as its been very much needed for the children.Secondly,those that have done the competition will have done so because they have read and understood the T’s & C’s it clearly stated that there may be a lower amount offered if the number of ticket sales was not reached. So no shock there surely? So why all the negativity about scamming? Seriously people, try and be a better version of yourself.Finally, thanks to Fiona -Homeowner- the Rockinghorse charity and the NHS there are so many more peiediatric patients up and running around or on the mend and about to go home with mum and dad. That’s no scam.

  10. P onzi Reply

    How much money was received in total before costs? and What were the ‘marketing’ costs? Thats what I want to know.

  11. Dawn Beatson-NJie Reply

    I paid out quite a lot for this and felt it was above board, but now the draw has been done – not live – and a random first name of a winner announced . Website closed down, no possibility of commenting on Facebook page and no answers to my messages. We need transparency. The video of the live draw must be available, we must be told how many tickets were sold and how the £30k prize money was worked out. Seems like this is not kosher. Maybe need to get the police involved

  12. Simon Reply

    Why not everybody just giving to the charity instead – just £2 each and a real benefit to the charity

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