Labour call for independent mediator to help resolve Cityclean dispute

Posted On 10 Oct 2021 at 10:10 pm

Labour councillors are calling on the Greens to bring in an independent mediator to help resolve the bin lorry drivers’ strike at Brighton and Hove City Council’s rubbish and recycline service, Cityclean.

The Labour group said: “In autumn 2019, under the last Labour administration, an independent mediator in the form of a senior industrial relations expert was brought in to help negotiations and resolve a difficult situation which meant avoiding strike action at Cityclean.

“That same expert has indicated he may be available currently, so Labour are calling upon on the Green administration to get in touch with him as a matter of urgency and ask for his assistance to resolve the current dispute.

“Labour are clear that when industrial disputes reach an impasse it can be really beneficial to bring in some independent and objective advice and expertise.

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“With the bin strike having been ongoing for almost a week now, and rubbish and recycling piling up on the streets of Brighton and Hove with residents suffering, Labour are keen to find a solution to end the dispute.”

Councillor John Allcock, co-leader of the opposition, said: “We are keen to help bring an end to this bin dispute that is having such a detrimental effect on our residents and our city’s reputation.

“The previous Labour administration succeeded in avoiding strike action by keeping lines of communication open, negotiating and when necessary bringing in an independent mediator to help resolve disputes.

“This is what we are calling on the Green administration to do now. Bring in an independent expert who has the trust and respect of both parties to help end the strike in the interests of residents.”

  1. Hove Guy Reply

    And the Greens are constantly reminding us about their concern for the environment. Not much concern this time unfortunately.

  2. Jon Reply

    Like everything else in this ongoing drama there are no hard facts – 100% of members who were asked to vote, voted for industrial action is a sort of fact except that number is something up to 54. How many drivers weren’t asked? What about all the other CityClean workers are they getting paid? What exactly does the GMB want ?

    So we get “That same expert has indicated he may be available currently”

    Is he an anonymous top-secret undercover negotiator who can only communicate vague responses may be by the medium of dance or something ?
    Can’t he just say ” I’ll do it “

  3. bradly23 Reply

    indeed, short on facts, long on rhetoric = and no whistle-blower in sight to show the real reason for this “strike”

  4. Chaz. Reply

    Sounds as if CityClean and GMB get what they want every time.
    Labour had issues and could not solve it then called in an independent mediator.
    Now they want a similar situation for the Greens.
    So what was done wrongly, only 2 years ago, that needs fixing again?
    Clearly neither Labour nor the Greens are fit for purpose.
    Time to vote in adults and end the collusion of stupidity we residents are being subjected to with Labour and Greens.

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